Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
Not resolved

I am new to dashing

And it is new to our area, today only day 2

I have only done 6 total deliveries and not a single one was the amt that the customer was quoted

Orders were wrong, for the ones they were calling in

I am at a loss as to where to turn and what to do

I have declined multiple deliveries due to my location, food location, then delivery area and time given.... there was absolutely no way possible for me to make the time frame given

I am unclear as to how to know if I am to order the food, or if they are calling and how do I verify


yesterday delivery

I knew the person so I knew what they had ordered

I go to pick up and it was called in

Called in with a grilled chesses, not grilled cheese kids meal

burgers were to be ketchup only and they had works

and no size was given for fries

Any help would be great.

I tried multiple times to do the contact us button on my app and it doesn't even allow me that... it is grayed out

Thanks in advance for any help

FYI I have watched multiple uTube videos lol... but there hasn't been anything for these types of issues over and over

I honestly expected a few bumps being new to the area but not this by any means

Reason of review: I am a driver and need help.

Preferred solution: Someone to assist as customer assistance never avail on app.

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