I was unable to be a diver for doordash because they say they require a criminal background check. I have no criminal history.

They forgot to request one from checker and so I have been in limbo for 4 months speaking to their resolutions team and to Checkr whom they use for their background checks. I have had over 15 different correspondences with them and over 20 phone calls. They read from a script and will not direct you to a manager or anyone who will actually help you resolve an issue. They told me that I had to call checkr and request the background check.

checkr tells me that I can't request the check on myself for their company and that they simply didn't request a criminal check which is why they only have a vehicle report for me. I have explained this to door dash and they continually tell me it has been sent to their resolutions team or that i need to call checkr to request it. I have emails from checkrs resolutions team explaining to me exactly what DOORDASH needs to do. Whenever i call them they tell me that I need to do more steps for approval or they see whats up and say to the resolutions team.

they also tell you that you will be notified on whats taking place from the team within 24 to 48 hours. This is an outright lie. Not once have I received a response or any detail as to what was done to resolve this issue from any section of the doordash corporation within anything less that 2 weeks or more. Then to top it off the email simply says that the issue has been taken care of but nothing is changed.

Not five minutes after my final call with them about the same issue they have done nothing to resolve and being fed the exact same lines off a script about how they will take care of the problem I uninstalled their spy app from my phone knowing they would not do any work to resolve this whatsoever.

I downladed the postmates app and signed up and was fully approved and delivering within 10 minutes and they use the same background service company (Checkr). Essentially Doordash made a minor mistake but refuses to resolve the issue/ they put the solution into your lap when you have no power to resolve what is essentially and internal issue.

DOORDASH Cons: Treat you like nothing.

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