I've dealt with a few non-deliveries from Door Dash but overlooked them when I dealt with drivers that were on top of it and provided great customer service. Recently, a driver delivered my food to the wrong house.

The owner of said house actually came out and said "that's not my food." to which the driver left it on the ground, anyway. Once I saw that it was "delivered", I called Andrew back and told him to get my food please and bring it to the correct address. He proceeded to argue with me saying I was in the wrong and that I provided the wrong address. I've used the same address for the last 5 years!!

Then my hubby spotted his car and told Andrew that he didn't deliver our food. Andrew CONTINUED to argue even though he was clearly in the wrong. He did not apologize and kept insisting he was in the right until he finally sped off, leaving us without dinner.

And what sucks is that we tipped him in advance and Door Dash STILL wouldn't refund that portion. I was so shaken up and upset that I cancelled my Dash Pass and deleted the app on my phone.

Preferred solution: Nothing. I just needed to vent and hope that this doesn't happen to anyone else. .

Location: Camarillo, California

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