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I am a dasher and very frusterated with the company! This just happened to me on 12/5/17.

They had the bonus going on, refer a friend and make $300 of they complete 50/50 deliveries in 30 days. My referral had until 12/5 to complete all 50. On 12/5/17 around 5pm she had 5 deliveries to go. By 930pm on 12/5/17 she had completed 51 deliveries.

For some reason door dash's system expired the bonus around 5pm on 12/5/17 and stopping it at 45/50 deliveries. Even though my referral, by the requirements, had until 12/5 to complete all 50 which she did. In her account it showed 51 by 930pm. There's no phone number to call corporate or support and I've tried emailing support multiple times.

They keep telling me she had 45/50 deliveries. That's because if you look in my account the system stopped tracking her around 5pm on 12/5 instead of giving her the full day like she should've gotten and that's the rules and requirements.

Nobody from support will look into my referrals account and plus I have all the deliveries and proof that she made 51 by 12/5/17. Nobody from support wants to do their job!

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Account.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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