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I dashed today from 3:50 PM to 9 PM. I was getting hardly any orders despite it being "peak time" (with a 3.00$ bonus per order) and the map showing a lot of incoming orders.

By the time I was really starting to get orders, *** hit the fan. I got 3 orders at once within 5-10 minutes, so the app said to pick up the first 2 at the same restaurant and then grab the 3rd on the way to the first customer's house at the next restaurant. Things were going fairly smoothly, despite the 1st restaurant running a little bit behind with the 2nd order, which was rather large and it was dinner time so they were really busy. They were extremely kind and even gave me a to-go box for my wait.

Then, I get to the second restaurant, and mind you - I am already about to be late for the 1st delivery, and they tell me DoorDash NEVER CALLED TO PLACE THE CUSTOMER'S ORDER. .....WHAT?! At this point the app is telling me I can't do anything until I pick up that order, so I try to do a chat with support to figure out what to do. ***Side note: I couldn't contact any of my customers because the system didn't recognize my phone number, despite having called and *supposedly* fixed that months ago.

Back to the restaurant---I am sitting there trying to contact support and *crash*, try again *crash*, try AGAIN *CRASH*. I tried getting in contact with support but Every. Single. Time....

the app crashed and brought me back to the order that was never placed. So i decided to leave and just manually search for my orders' addresses so at least they weren't any later and the food didn't get cold. Luckily, after delivering my first order, I figured out how to switch between multiple orders and mark them delivered...THANK GOD. So I deliver both orders, go back to that same restaurant, and still no luck with the order nor chat support.

So I had to order the meal myself, wait another 15 minutes for it, then deliver it 10 minutes away and over 30 minutes late. At this point, I am so fed up that I decide to be done with it for the evening and go home. End my dash---I did not get ANY of the bonus 3$ for each order I delivered. I made 8 deliveries in this dash---that's 24$ that I was scammed out of.

There is no way to email DoorDash. When you call any number you find online they tell you to use their help page or the app, which neither of those help in this situation.

I don't think I will EVER...EVER use this company again, for delivering OR ordering. I do not want a cent of my money, nor a minute of my time, going towards this poorly run business.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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Also, to add to the bit about DoorDash never calling to place the order at the second restaurant - the app was telling me that the order was placed and already paid for, so "no need to use your red card," so what did they expect me to do? Place the order twice and DoorDash possibly be charged twice and I get penalized for it? I couldn't contact support as I said so of course I sat there dumbfounded on what to do...