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First, this delivery guy was late, i watched him pick up the food 5 min after i was supposed to receive it. Im two minutes from the restaurant, he arrived 25 min later.

He then called and asked me what restaurants order was mine because he had multiple orders, when i told him my order and that i was expecting 20+ min ago, he said with an attitude "well, its here now " and hung up on me. Few minutes later knocks on the door instead of ringing the bell as ive instructed on my order, hands me the bag and leaves!. I regret tipping him 25% before he picked up my order.

This is why i disagree with tipping before the service is delivered. Unbelievable and unprofessional attitude with a touch of rude behavior, doesnt belong in service industry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I agree there is no excuse for his behavior and the way that he handled the situation. Probably someone who's never had a customer service or job working with people before, if a job ever ( insert eye roll) I've seen it sadly often in other "dashers" and as the saying goes; if you can't handle the heat....

Some of them allow themselves to be way too easily over whelmed and are not only snappy with the clients, but with the restaurants as well which does nothing but create a bad experience all the way around. Plus its just plain unnecessary. I can promise you we're not all that way. I for one carry a Sharpe and mark the orders if I have more than one so it's easy to keep track of them.

And try to notify people when I'm slammed like that, or if there's something causing a delay, personally I'd rather contact you before you have the chance to contact me. I usually deal with less upset and more understanding people that way. And just so you know on our end when we have more than 1 order (I've had a few times where I've had 5-6 lined up nonstop for 2+ hours, every time I delivered one I'd get another) unless we're very familiar with the area we don't know how close you are. The app orders them in the way it thinks best which is not always correct.

And all we can do is follow that more often than not. If we do know the area or if a client let's me know that they are that close we do have the ability to switch things around a little, but only get so much leeway. And it doesn't help that customer service is pretty much a non existent joke.

I've definitely felt like sometimes they throw the clients and drivers to the wolves to figure it out on our own which is extremely unfair and frustrating. Not trying to say that you should keep using the app or not, just wanted to offer a different perspective.