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I got an order via doordash it was about 15 miles away so I drove there there was some road construction so it took me longer than 15 minutes to get there which should be expected and the app decided that I had been unavailable to long and it removed my job I only found this out after I got into the restaurant cuz I was busy looking at my Google Maps navigating to the restaurant this is happened multiple times the company doesn't give a *** They will tell you that they'll pay you but they won't if you call the number to try to get help it'll redirect you to the FAQ on their website useless information. Bottom line does company have some serious problems as a software developer these are simple fix and apparently these people don't want to hire me to be a software developer *** they don't even want to pay me to drive to the location because they're piece of *** app is so horrible that it Auto logs user out when they're on the way to get paid. I'm the only one on their platform that drive such a unique vehicle I guess they lose out.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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