Called DoorDash she said I had to call the store and they had to refund my money. Whats the point of using door dash if we have to jump through several loops to get back out money?

Why cant they hold the delivery person accountable why cant they submit a picture of the delivery and wait for confirmation from the customer they received it? This is 2021 there are options to do this instead she kept my groceries and the tip I gave her and Im out almost $70 dollars because they pushed it off on the store instead of refunding my money. I understand the store did the transaction but used DoorDashs employee and she confirmed she delivered it knowing it was a damn lie.

DoorDash should be responsible for my refund since it was there employee not fulfilling their end. Fed up with these overpriced delivery services with crackhead delivery employees.

User's recommendation: DONT USE THEM.

Location: San Leandro, California

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