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I've had many situations where my uber or doordash driver doesn't speak English and gets lost/delivers my food late because he/she can't communicate to get clear directions. I continue to order because it's ruff and people are doing what they can just to make it especially during COVID so I have a little more patience.

I usually have to come outside in my robe and try to wave them down - the directions to my place are very simple but I guess it's challenging when you don't speak English. I highly recommend non-English drivers use a translation app to communicate.

I will lower my review in hopes the complaint will prompt the driver to use a translation app or something because it's not fun having your fries delivered cold or your ice cream delivered melted. Alot of people are struggling and it's not always easy learning a second language especially when you don't have the resources (ie time, money, someone to help you learn).

User's recommendation: Recommend Translation App.

Preferred solution: Recommend Useful Translation App.

DOORDASH Pros: Variety or restaurants in area, Variety of restaurants offered.

DOORDASH Cons: Non-english drivers deliver late or not at all.

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