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So, as you see we were getting screwed off and lied to from EVERY DRIVER so far.

(Really upset I didn’t get screenshots of that first one we tried, but we had no idea how UNPROFESSIONAL and LAZY your drivers would be..)

We tried to order from a 24/hour Perkins, since now the drivers can’t LIE and say the business is “closed” when it’s obviously NOT.

The order was made, the manager of the Perkins called us immediately to make sure that the order we put in was what we wanted, and it was. Awesome. So as the restaurant is making our dinner, we have been passed down through 3 drivers who have ACCEPTED it, and then gave it to someone else.

Bloomington, MN

Said drivers:

(Second time around)

1) Jake E.

2) Henok G.

3) Timothy S.

FINALLY a driver grabs our order on the app and holds on. This guy Not only drove 15 miles or more just to get our food and bring it to us, since everyone else doesn’t seem to know how to DO THEIR JOBS, but had a sense or urgency.

THIS said drivers name is, “Jarod H.”

In the time we have tried to order dinner since we got to our hotel (3 hours ago).... we have been scr3wed off almost ten times (seriously), and LIED to by multiple DOORDASH employees about store hours.

You guys need to do something about this. UNBELIEVABLE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Jace l

Also. I did not choose this name, Dualbirman? What the heck, what kind of crap are you guys running here


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