Im just wondering if something has changed? I order from here frequently, but am getting ready to stop.

My last 3 orders have been ridiculous. The first one was supposed to be a 25 minute delivery which is why I chose it because I was in a time crunch. The time doubled once I placed the order so I had to cancel which means I didnt get to eat. The second one more than doubled, but luckily I was able to wait for it and tonights order never showed.

It took an hour and a half to get an answer for a 29 minute delivery item. It was for Panera who apparently delivers it themselves, which Im not sure why theyre on door dash then. I had to contact door dash twice to find out that answer and then was given a number for Panera that went to nothing. Then once I finally found a correct number and was able to get ahold of someone I was told my food was still sitting in the restaurant and they stopped doing deliveries 30 minutes before which leaves me without dinner yet again.

Yes I did receive refunds for those items never received, but the whole point was to have dinner and now I dont get to eat.

Do I need to start ordering through a different app? If this is how my orders are going to go then I will.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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