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Let me start off by saying I have 3 years under my belt with DoorDash. My ratings were always high - that is until I complained.

Overnight my rating of 4.84 fell to 4 57 and since then even lower. I havent changed my routine. In December 2018, I didnt receive my once dependable direct deposit. I sent nunerous texts, as no phone calls are available.

I did get response, but it took another week to receive my money. Then it happened again and again . I was told it was a "glitch" and would be fixed. It wasnt!

I have had to literally beg and fight for my money ever since. Today, I am owed $340.51 in back pay of two weeks and no one responds to my texts any longer. That is if you can even text them. Sometimes I am blocked from sending my text as the form will not show on screen.

I have been forced to log in to DD and hit DASH NOW in order to have access to "support" and have them call me back so I can relay the problem in hopes of getting through to someone who can actually help. Sometimes I have to eat a "Decline order" which thereby lowers my ratings just so I can get help which doesnt work either. Now Im asked if my issue is related to the delivery. I say no and a couple of minutes pass before they call me.

I am currently missing two deposits. What kind of company denies their dashers their hard earned money and then rates them low if they complain? I have also been cheated out of my extra pay when I had 80% and was told I had 75%. I proved them incorrect and they still refused to pay me $5.50 per delivery.

They also will send me orders outside of the county I work and when I decline with reason, they refhse to pay me. I was also molested at a Concord business and compkained about it to head office and report it on app numerous times.

Never has the store been removed from my deliveries and they still send me orders to pick up and I decline w reason and still get docked in ratings and financially. I have even more complaints, but will stop it here.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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