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Im very disappointed in Door Dash.. I placed an order..

Immediately I cancel it.. I called and explained why I had to cancel it .. I was assured my account would be credited.. I wait over a week..

So I called again .. I was told that they dont return cash..

They give you credit to your account to use as payment.. I want my debit card credited.This is a scam Wtf

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So, the business already started making the food, driver started to drive there, possibly getting there, before he is informed order cancelled. Then Doordash has to pay driver half delivery amount that was driver was told they would receive, as they used their car, and time.

Merchant would probably also have to be paid, for the food, at least partial payment, as no everything on order would be made for customer, such as drinks, dessert. And you are getting full refund on a credit, and complaining. You and others like you, seem to think you are the only person that matters.

You probably don't tip, or give insult tip like $2.00 or less. And, the only reason bad tippers keep getting deliveries brought to them, is because new drivers, don't know that they can, and should turn down ALL orders, they don't pay at least $5.00, or $2.00a mile.

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