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This is an ongoing situation this business is horrible you don't contact nobody nobody knows nothing everybody says everything is in headquarters headquarters don't have no phone number headquarters don't have no email so then you guys have people sick and they wait on that money and then give him a time 24 to 48 hours they call you back if not there another 48 hours or maybe Tuesday Wednesday this business is the worst business that I've ever work with you in my life you guys are not business materials you guys don't have contact nothing horrible I want my money I'm going to take this situation a little bit seriously in a little bit more farther than this because it's not just not about $1,000 if it's mine you got people just been waiting on their money for weeks and time and time and time and you guys said he's telling everybody the same thing over and over and over again this ain't going to work this ain't going to be end of it and this is not going to be the last message you guys send for me because if I have to take this further for his legal legal actions that's what I will have to do

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I’m Thinking class action law suite When you do talk to someone there over seas


Exactly I have had the worst experience with door dash from the first time. I waited to get my money back for a refund.

They charged me for the food I didn't even get. On top, they charged me twice. this has been an ongoing situation for 3 months and customer service representatives are bullies.

Literally so rude, claiming that the system says your food was delivered and I can't do anything. Yes, I understand mistakes happen but they literally claimed that their website and system is perfect and cant make no mistake.

to ImpressiveFrigatebird219 #1704346

The same exact thing just happened to me today. The site would not let me cancel the order.

It first stated my card had insufficient funds so I used another card. They charged on each card.


I was never paid either by doordash.


As a Dasher, the drivers are also being stiffed their paid less than a waitress that is $1 they guarantee you plus they still part of the tips they go by how far you drive so it's an 80/20 split we get stuck with the 20 they get 80 that's *** to long term drivers home we're guaranteed $5 plus tips and now gas is up to about $5 they pull this stuff that is why drivers are taking it out on customers orders but they shouldn't be because it's not the customers fault the government needs to step in and stop it the abuse of laborers the Department of Labor needs to step in and also do something. These folks need to be audited it appears like they have a double set of books when your work with the app it needs to be audited.

to Anonymous #1679021

Contact legal! The phone number is on pissedconsumer.com


This is exactly the reason I am deleting your app! 1.

You treat your drivers like *** 2. You support horrible companies like Chick Fil A. I hate cooking, and we spent a lot of money ordering from you. I am taking my business to Uber Eats.

Do better Door Dash!

I am spreading g the word. Pay the drivers you owe money to or customers will stop using you!


This is an employee or contractor complaining about the company not paying them. Not a consumer complaint I believe it should be handled by different means.


Good lord your grammar is pathetic!!


I am experiencing the same thing. Referred a family member.

At the time in my area it was $1500 if they completed 150 dashes within 60 days, they would get $100. As soon as they start dashing, I try to reach out to customer service because I can't track their dashes and our accounts don't seem to be linked. I cannot get confirmation and finally go to my local dasher office. They confirm accounts are linked and say referrals should go through upon completion.

My family member finishes his 150 dashes in 28 days. No bonuses in our accounts. I submit case files online and call dasher support. They admit it's a technical glitch and mistake on the part of door dash and that it should be a simple fix.

Apparently my family member's account was set to expire in 1 day instead of 60 days, so that's why it thinks dashes not completed on time. Our case is pushed up to the "escalation team". We are promised a response "soon" and within 48 hours. It's been almost a week (tomorrow) and a month (tomorrow) since we started the initial inquiries.

I've been calling every other day and get the same scripted lines from customer service agents in the Philippines or India. They can't give me the contact info of the "escalation team" in San Francisco and they can't transfer me to someone with authority. I just need to be patient and "wait another 48 hours" for a call or e-mail response. Still nothing.

I've been filing a new case file everyday asking why this hasn't been resolved yet. Extremely frustrating as a LOT of money is on the line here.

This company has horrible dasher support and just gives you the total run around. It's almost time to threaten legal action on principal.

to Pokie #1651016

Thry are horrible! I’ve never once recieved a call back or email about issues.

They will never Respond.

They don’t care. Sorry you are going through this.

to Pokie #1678958

The Department of Labor and the governors of the states need to step in and do payroll audits on these people they're doing 80/20 split they take 80% of the money of the driver's money they only guarantee is a dollar and still part of the tips they need audited payroll audited. It's not transparent enough for the drivers to see what's going on it's unfair when they tell you now you're a business owner and they screw you out of your startup agreement and do whatever they want.


I've been paid every time I was due money. Now in the real world where I work if someone's bank account is messed up it does take weeks to fix.

I am an insurance agent and if somebody's account is wrong not only does it take weeks to fix when there is a refund that they try to process through the bank it didn't needs to be mailed which takes weeks.

This lady probably deserves to get paid but she's complaining about the wrong thing. She should be mad at herself for not proactively making sure her account was correct because real people in the real world knows what happens when there's a bank error.


I get my money any time I want. I've never had issues.


Wow one huge run on sentence, it's very hard to even read this review, or make sense of it. My head hurts.

to jclaar #1638516

I can't be bothered to attempt to read it. Almost makes me motion sick without some stabilizing punctuation.

to jclaar #1684913

Maybe that's why she's having such a hard time. I doubt they can understand what the *** she is saying either.

to jclaar #1699592

YOU want to be judgmental?? Let's start with YOU and clean YOU up as follows: "Wow!

One huge run-on sentence.

It's very hard to even read this review or make sense of it. My head hurts." There you go!!


Take them to the court


Has any one got paid the 1000 dollars for the 100 deliveries they made

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