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This is an ongoing situation this business is horrible you don't contact nobody nobody knows nothing everybody says everything is in headquarters headquarters don't have no phone number headquarters don't have no email so then you guys have people sick and they wait on that money and then give him a time 24 to 48 hours they call you back if not there another 48 hours or maybe Tuesday Wednesday this business is the worst business that I've ever work with you in my life you guys are not business materials you guys don't have contact nothing horrible I want my money I'm going to take this situation a little bit seriously in a little bit more farther than this because it's not just not about $1,000 if it's mine you got people just been waiting on their money for weeks and time and time and time and you guys said he's telling everybody the same thing over and over and over again this ain't going to work this ain't going to be end of it and this is not going to be the last message you guys send for me because if I have to take this further for his legal legal actions that's what I will have to do

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Take them to the court


Has any one got paid the 1000 dollars for the 100 deliveries they made


I'm going thru the same thing with them now. It's not a lot of money but it's mine and I want it. After this, I'm not delivering for them anymore.


They owe me money as well. I’ve been waiting over a month when they anticipate 7-10 business days.


Yes, same here. I have been owed money for 3 months. I will go inside the office too.


I recommend go to local office and talk with representatives there as it solved same problem for me

to Samkose dadger #1486614

Thanks I'll go in the morning

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