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This is an ongoing situation this business is horrible you don't contact nobody nobody knows nothing everybody says everything is in headquarters headquarters don't have no phone number headquarters don't have no email so then you guys have people sick and they wait on that money and then give him a time 24 to 48 hours they call you back if not there another 48 hours or maybe Tuesday Wednesday this business is the worst business that I've ever work with you in my life you guys are not business materials you guys don't have contact nothing horrible I want my money I'm going to take this situation a little bit seriously in a little bit more farther than this because it's not just not about $1,000 if it's mine you got people just been waiting on their money for weeks and time and time and time and you guys said he's telling everybody the same thing over and over and over again this ain't going to work this ain't going to be end of it and this is not going to be the last message you guys send for me because if I have to take this further for his legal legal actions that's what I will have to do

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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Brian C

I don't understand. Was this written by a 2 year old?


Impossible to read, so who cares.


I agree they did not answer my complaint, they stold my money.


They suck!!!! Period!


My pay got taken & deposited to a wells fargo account which wasn't mine


Do not use this company. I ordered three times.

2 times the driver got lost and 1 time I did not recieve the order. They are charging 9.99 monthly fee that I did not authorize or would ever authorize since they have at least four competitors with reasonable and honest delivery fees. They have blocked me from ordering...my address appears as a non-delivery area.

However, the 9.99 is being deducted from my debit card. Horrific.


It is very discouraging when trying to contact the company. Without the ability to call a person or know that your issues or concerns are being handled. I know the frustration first hand myself.


I got a third party promo code for free food at doordash to make a long story short it was basically just a way for doordash to access my debit account and get me to pay for something I couldn’t afford I tried to cancel and couldn’t and they haven’t refunded my money


Honestly from a contracted driver, you are better off ordering from UberEats or even Postmates. Their Customer Service is top notched.

Brian C

Uber Eats customer service is even worse!


Freakin Doordash likes to float themselves loans when they been in business long enough to fix their bogus app and strengthen Customer Service. Bogus to e land when the business model was never perfected and a stealing machine to feed theircdark souls.


I’m Thinking class action law suite When you do talk to someone there over seas


Exactly and they stole my money and food was never delivered. I live in a PRESTIGIOUS highrise that is highly secured with cameras that show delivery was never made. Call for days with no resolution besides rude foreign agents who blew me off and hung up on me


I deliver for doordash and don't have any problems. Except the rich people and all the black people never tip !!


They tip DoorDash takes it to pay you!


I hate the thing that itches where my underwear used to rest

Anna S

The. Service is atrocious!!

My driver went ghett in The courtyard of my luxury apartment - I was embarrassed!!!! And frightened by her aggression!!!

I immediately cancelled my membership!!! NEVER again!!!

Gurvinder C

Exactly I have had the worst experience with door dash from the first time. I waited to get my money back for a refund.

They charged me for the food I didn't even get. On top, they charged me twice. this has been an ongoing situation for 3 months and customer service representatives are bullies.

Literally so rude, claiming that the system says your food was delivered and I can't do anything. Yes, I understand mistakes happen but they literally claimed that their website and system is perfect and cant make no mistake.

@Gurvinder C

The same exact thing just happened to me today. The site would not let me cancel the order.

It first stated my card had insufficient funds so I used another card. They charged on each card.


I was never paid either by doordash.


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