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I want to door dash in a different city

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If it's in the same state check the locations option in the scheduling area and make sure that city is checked and you're good to go. Don't know what it looks like if your a iPhone user but If your on a android it's on the right under the last date that shows and kinda looks like a audio equalizer for music.

If it's a busy city there may not be time slots open and that's why it doesn't show on the list even if it's checked, which unfortunately the only way around that is to either be awake and log on at midnight when the slots open and snag one before someone else gets the chance ( had to deal with that in places like Vegas). Or check through the day for slots to open up. If it's in another state sadly the only way is through the website, Here's the direct link. For options select account, sub option select other, then just message with the city/state you want to be switched to.

I've had them reply and switch me as soon as 2 hours and as long as 5-6 days.

Good luck!