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My order that was over $30 was never received. I never received a call from the office about the driver (Donald M.) requesting access to get inside the apartment complex, which I specified in the instructions.

The driver never called me to ask more information if he was lost or confused on where to drop off my order, either.

I understand there may be some miscommunication, but I am frustrated that I never received my order or even a call.

I also could not get a hold of DoorDash because their online communication system would "not connect", so I could not speak to an agent, nor was I able to get a hold of the actual company over phone due to the COVID response and that they close their customer support offices at 3:30pm when I am calling about a dinner order at about 5:30pm. I understand these are tough times, but there should be some form of immediate communication options or longer customer service hours.

User's recommendation: I did not realize you can contact your driver beforehand. I guess make sure they have your number.

Monetary Loss: $28.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DOORDASH Pros: Fair price, Delivery.

DOORDASH Cons: You can get charged without getting food, No verification process by delivery person of recipient order, Failed to deliver.

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Well if you weren't able to get anyone on chat or phone then I am about 99% sure I know what happened. On the dd side, sounds like there was a nationwide crash for the whole system, as for your dasher they obviously were affected therefore depending on where in the order process they were (pickup, enroute to you, etc) they more than likely did get a screen shot of your address info as we literally never know when the app is going to crash then no customer address we are just sitting ducks waiting, customer is exactly in your situation as you never get a notification that the app is about to crash so you're left with absolute frustration and hangry, the restaurants tablets go down as well so they could be in the middle of making your order, when these crashes happen doordash customer/merchant/dasher support phone and chat both go down for them as well.

It always causes a huge problem for everyone involved. I'm very sorry for what you experienced and definitely appreciate your frustration as I would absolutely be in the same mindset as you. Once everything comes back up and all is well, you will be refunded 100% or you can possibly choose to have it given back as dd credits. I hope this helps for any future issues.

Doordash crashes like this often. I would like to suggest for you to download to your phone if possible the app downdetector if you don't already have it.

There you can search at the top for doordash and mark it as a favorite that way you will always be able to see if the app as a whole is crashing or not. Hopefully that may ease your frustration with this company.


Just yesterday, I ordered groceries from Whack-Mart and the Door Dash driver they used, named Malcolm, failed to deliver my groceries and then marked it as delivered. I think that slimy pos stole my stuff.

I called Door Dash and they tried to get a hold of him and he wasn't answering. He either made off with my groceries or he got into an accident. Not sure which. But it better have been the accident, because if it wasn't, it's about to be...as in an accidental FIRING (I hope).

Consequently, I will only order from King Soopers, Target, or any local place from here on out.

I only tolerated Walmart because they did have cheaper prices, but that does no good if they can't deliver the stuff without the services they use RIPPING me off by not delivering my *** so that may very well be out the window completely. WM *** me over in the past before...this is the LAST time.


As a door dash driver, I can relate to your complaint. door dash has many short comings.

I have had issues calling the customer with the number provided by door dash, only to find that the number is not a working number. Thats on door dash, not the driver. I have had issues with customers and restaurants where I needed to speak with them, and they wouldnt answer the phone. I then would call door dash for assistance.

If door dash couldnt get a hold of the customer or restaurant, they would automatically cancel the order. Not cool. Most of the drivers support teams come from and live in India.

I have spoken to several where I can hear kids crying and screaming in the back ground. I could write a book about all the troubles I've had with door dash.


they suck fr fr




Door Dash is the worst delivery. They don't train their people, many can't understand how to ring an apartment bell even when it's spelled out completely on the order.

I even gave it verbally to driver who was going to leave order in my alley!!! I gave it to him three times after spending an hour getting him to the FRONT DOOR of the building and he STILL could not ring the bell. Can door dash hire people who speak the language...not just give people an app and send them out to deliver when they have no skills, even the simplest?

All my door dash deliveries are an issue. What a rip off.


I am a former DoorDash that was cutoff over an alleged violation. With a 98% completion rate, short of a missing soda, bag when tired but I always let everyone know.

I speak the language, have super clean record and perfect CDL. The company is burning through, the support team is fed up but my story with venture capital is going to surprise them as their VC are connected to Junk Bond King Michael Milken who is friends with someone that murdered a witness in the SF East Bay. I have a blog on called https://deadwitness.com. It has been very difficult to stay alive.

Deliveries drivers over the decades have killed people, used that access code to come back and rob tenants and then worse things. Tell your building owners to install a pass-through box then your food will be safe and so will you. Look at the problems at Uber and Lyft. In a few weeks I'll be back with a blog about DoorDash you'll appreciate my insight, risks and successes.

The gig economy can eat the drivers alive but the can deliver UNSUBs of all kinds.

Knowing thy neighbor is better than a polar bear from nowhere. One day you'll read about dead dashers that I have found around the country.


They owe you


I had a $65 order with a local restaurant last week to be delivered by Door Dash. I never got my food or any communication from Door Dash.

Hopefully the restaurant will refund my money.

Second bad experience with Door Dash. Waste of money!


This company sucks and won’t take you seriously or remedy any situation. They don’t even respond to emails. And their phone customer service is a joke.


i am going thru it now! My doordash account was hacked and they could give a rats *** Am on hold with a cs rep now and just keep getting passed around to different operators who don't speak clear english, so I feel like a jerk asking "say again".....basically don't deal w door dash if you don't have to they are THE WORST


My Doordash account was also hacked - twice. A third attempt is still being made on DoorDash Direct card, but since card has been closed, notifications keep saying $0 spent.

These transactions are outside of the US. I have been trying for five days to reach someone - Help Center, email. phone - no response. Stolen money was credited to my account, but they took it back again, so I have no access.

Terrible. I hope to get it back, but it is not looking good. DoorDash Direct is scary - I only had the card for four weeks, and I only used my card at the gas station inside. Hacked twice, attempts still being made!

I won't be using theis service again.

Hard earned money gone. .


Doordash will not refund your money. Read the terms you agreed to. Do not use Doordash period.


That is false you a99


Doordash will refund you immediately if you press help and select a reason. You can also call and get a rep asap. They will refund you for sure.




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