Chicago, Illinois
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YI I'm writing this review hungry and pissed off and its because of door dash. Here is what happened.

I placed my order at 9:07, received a confirmation 5 minutes later from door dash that the restaurant confirmed my order and it was in the works (i have the email). I got an email 40 minutes later that my delivery driver has picked up my order. Then 10 minutes after that, an hour after placing my original order, I get a call from a driver that he wouldn't delivering any food because the restaurant stopped making food. WTF.

TELL ME OFF THE BAT THAT I WONT BE GETTING MY FOOD SO I DO NOT WAIT AN HOUR TO REALIZE I HAVE TO MAKE ANOTHER ORDER. and not with door dash. Then the driver tells me I have to call customer service in order to get a refund. What?

I get a call from customer service and the guy was apologetic and that was fine but then he says this. "OK heres what I can offer you. I can offer you credit for the order amount on door dash or can issue the refund on your card?" Thats your offer? my rightful refund in dork dash credit?

no, just stop. I also had a 10 dollar coupon for the restaurant since it was my first time ordering, he said I wouldn't be able to use that again but gave me Door Dash credits for the coupon amount. Great again with door dash credits. And now my gf and I are on grubhub and just arguing because we are so grumpy and hungry.

(i'll never cheat on you again grub hub). I vow to never use door dash again.

Reason of review: breakdowns in so many systems of communication.

Preferred solution: No solution. .

DOORDASH Cons: Told me the order was picked up and it wasnt, Told me the driver picked up the order and it didnt.

  • Unreliable Delivery
  • Doordash Unhelpful
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