The experience of delivering on the DD platform is an outrageous waste of time. Some restaurant staff are extremely rude and purposely ignore dashers or take their sweet time getting the food together, clearly on purpose. Chipotle, in particular.

DD overcharges, so customers are angry and in their online complaints, take it out on drivers-who make a pittance for each delivery, pay for their own gas, stand in the cold waiting for food due to COVID, endure an app that doesnt work properly, dodge insane drivers on the road, have to drive and walk in precarious conditions due to winter weather, get dings to their ratings for issues that are out of their control, while dealing with extreme wear and tear to their vehicle, customers who lie about deliveries not made (I ALWAYS take pictures now, so I have proof) and a total lack of support or responsibility by DD.

User's recommendation: You’re completely on your own, always to blame, and the pay doesn’t justify the stress.

Location: Riverhead, New York

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