Santa Clara, California
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I ordered some food from Doordash today. Because of some system glitch(which I am not sure what it is), the delivery address for the order was the same restaurant address.

When the delivery person calls me up and tells me about it, he also informed me that Doordash just gave him some address which nowhere is near to where I live. When I asked Doordash to correct the address, they did so and informed me that they are sorry and it will get delivered soon at my address. After waiting for some more time, I received a notification mentioning that my order has been delivered. I again called up the delivery person and he informed me that Doordash just asked him to drop the order and if he is contacted, ask the customer to call the customer care.

I asked the same thing to the customer care person, and she mentioned that she will issue a refund. When asked, what happened in between, she couldn't reply satisfactorily.

Now I am left with no dinner and I'm hungry. Why Doordash doesn't take the pain of keeping the customer informed in such cases?

Why you asked your delivery guy to drop the order? This is not expected especially with food.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

DOORDASH Cons: Made me feel like they could care less, Missing meals.

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