I live in an apartment and there is a code to be entered in at the front door of my building. It's on my account on how to dial so that my phone rings and I can buzz up the driver.

Not only did I wait for nearly 50 minutes. Next thing I know, I'm getting an email telling me that my order had been canceled and gave me a link to make inquiries. Then I get a text from whom I can only guess is the driver telling me they tried entering the code and received an error. This text was immediately followed by another that stated the driver had gone to the wrong building, thus explaining the front door error code.

I call Doordash and finally speak to someone which was no help. I will NEVER use this service again and will be telling my friends.

Oh, and because I have to take insulin for my meals, my glucose is now at 34 and I'm drinking juice like it's going out of style. Thank you for nothing, Doordash!

User's recommendation: AVOID AT ALL COST...CALL DOMINOS!

Location: Sequim, Washington

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