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We had ordered food from chipotle 2 different times. The first time we ordered it the first order was cancelled and then I reordered the food again and I got the wrong order.

Half my food was missing and all doordash could do was refund my money when I wanted the food I simply never received. The second time I ordered off of doordash from the same place the food was completely torn apart and messed up which was not doordashes fault it was chipotle and all that could simply be done was a refund, when previously I had the same issue with a different restaurant and I was able to get the right food. So I dont understand what the issue is for something completely out of my control. I am about to completely cancel my subscription and no longer use doordash.

The only thing good is the drivers, they are very nice and appreciative. that

User's recommendation: Watch what you say because the only thing that will end up being done is a refund and no food.

DOORDASH Pros: Easy app, Fast, Nice delivery drivers.

DOORDASH Cons: Customer service.

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