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I hear they are screwing their order placers in the US by not sending them calls. They are supporting people in the Philippines by giving them all the calls which merchants cannot understand and hate them calling.

They constantly get orders wrong, have bad phone lines and merchants complain because they cannot understand them. They also say it is always loud in the background. Why are you supporting people in another country and NOT US workers who need to make a living.

Your OWN workers here cannot pay their rent or bills because you have basically turned your back on them and THEY are the one's who keeps your business afloat because they are actually PROFESSIONAL, call in the orders correctly and can be UNDERSTOOD! This is America ..who gave you the opportunity to have this company doordash but yet your sending all the work to other country's , do you think your customer will be happy knowing that their hard earned money goes to overseas and not in their own country ..Just to save a few pennies !

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