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As someone who provides a service to others for a living, I feel as though I am exceptionally accommodating to order errors, tardiness or general customer service confusion. BUT, I do expect communication and an honest,fervent effort to remedy errors from someone I have given my hard-earned money.

Having said all that, if it were possible to leave a -10 star score, it wouldn't even BEGIN to convey the DISASTER service I have experienced this week with Door Dash.


I ordered Chipotle around 1pm. $20 order, no big deal, estimated 30-45 delivery window. Sounds good to me..... until 2 hours later and I still have no food and my order tracking shows as delivered (I could see on the map they were down the street from my house)! I was #41 in the customer service order queue so I proceeded to wait another 1/2 hour to even be able to tell anyone at door dash my order was in fact, NOT delivered.

When someone finally responded, her ever-so-thoughtful response was that "the driver delivered your order at 2:16pm". Yes. Yes! As a small business owner, I have an hour in the middle of my work day to sit on hold and attempt to scam your business out of a $20 meal.

That was a flat out lie, as my office is 2 feet from the front door with windows in clear view of the street and I was at my computer watching tracking. I just wanted what I paid for and a refund for the generous tip I was stupid enough to leave before having my order in hand.

Customer service solution? Call driver. Driver doesn't answer. All the sudden, driver is still in possession of said food that was claimed to be delivered successfully at 2:16pm. Driver cannot bring food back. (Oh, he ate it? You're welcome for the free delicious meal!) Driver isn't answering calls but customer service doesn't see how that is shady.... "Order must be re-submitted." Up to 1 hour LONGER to wait for lunch. 2 HOURS LATER, food arrives from a new driver. No follow up from customer service, no offer to refund part or all of the purchase, nothing. And I'm just left thinking, "Wow, this Chipotle is amazing. Wow, Door Dash is pretty ***

Fast forward to 2 days later.... still in working-mom mode time-crunch, daydreaming about how good that Chipotle was... I work in retail, everyone has a bad day.... I'd like someone to give me a second chance to redeem an honest error, so I elect to give door dash and another delivery driver a chance to redeem themselves. *Places order* *CH-CHING!* $$$$

ORDER #2: (I'll attempt to summarize this fiasco for you)

Placed $40 order at 7:40ishpm, estimated delivery time - 8:11pm. I'm working in my office, tracking the order status on my computer, driver is stalled at the local Starbucks location down the street from Chipotle from 7:52-8:57pm. Ya'll. ALMOST AN HOUR. CAR IS JUST CHILLIN' OUTSIDE THE STARBUCKS. Maybe Aleshia W. doesn't realize I have a map where I can zoom in to see the actual parking space where she plopped her happy scam-mobile... Wherein she so sadly abandoned my once hot and steamy delicious meal that was supposed to feed my children before bedtime???

I reach customer service via chat, and after 12 minutes (to make one phone call), they say driver has had "car trouble". Um..... a driver for a DELIVERY service breaks down and can't let us know (we all know she's enjoying the free wi-fi and her HOT latte while my $40 worth of food gets cold).....

But wait. This is where it gets truly comical.... customer service after another 8 minutes says the driver "WILL ATTEMPT TO WALK THE ORDER TO ME"....

I'm dying. Literally from starvation, disappointment and disbelief. We're 3+ miles away from her latte rest-break spot. I am zero percent impressed that a 4-hour-old, cold meal will arrive at 11pm and my kids can't eat it! #satisfactionguaranteed?

Sigh....It is now 10:12pm, I still have no food, I have been hung up on twice, had a customer service chat closed by an agent, and my order CANCELLED without my consent because the customer service dude didn't want to find out what had happened. Called again, reached a new agent who promised to help, re-issued my order, new ETA? 11:21PM. Guess when Chipotle closes here? 10pm. I have also been charged another $3 for this re-delivery that I wasn't responsible for cancelling in the first place....


-1 x order arrives 2 HOURS late with ZERO refund and no customer service follow-up


-1 x order PENDING delivery (its now 10:18pm, restaurant closes at 10pm and the order status shows as 'order received' - not even that the driver is on the way to the restaurant! It legit hasn't even been picked up yet.

So, I spent 3 hours+ (over 5 HOURS this week for 2 orders of food) of trying to figure out where my order(s) is while the driver is shown parked at a Starbucks location on the delivery tracker map.

No food is this good, and no one should ever be lazy enough to trust this business to do what they say.

Door Dash is a no go for me for all eternity, and I will tell everyone who will listen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Inform other customers to avoid this company at all costs.

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Lazy is not spending 30 minutes of your time to go pick up the food yourself. You have children...

feed them on time and stop leaving that responsibility to others.

If you don't have time for going to get it... then I suggest you invest into a small freezer and fill it with microwavable foods.