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I've been with DoorDaah for about a year now and tonight was the last straw. Tonight I got placed on 2 deliveries that were supposed to be delivered 2 hours ago.

I go to the 1st restruant, get food, on way to second restruant thats on the next street over, order gets cancelled. No biggie, happens sometimes. But I get to the delivery address, call customer to get thier room # so I can bring it up and this is where I lost it. Lady screams at me order was supposed to be delivered 2 hours ago and she called customer service to cancel/refund order.

I calmly try to explain I got put on thr order 15 mins ago and the original driver might of had some problems cayse that happens sometimes but apologize and agree. So i try to go and contact customer service in the app and try to cancel the order for her without getting her charged....app crashes on me. So im still on hold on the phone for 39 minutes and 34 seconds now trying to get ahold of a human that can help me just get the order off my tasks so i can work later if i decide to give DoorDash another shot on Sunday before i throw them thw middle finger and terminate my contract with them. The customer service dor voth customers and dashers are complete *** when you need it most.

Goodbye DoorDash, there's better food delivery companies that treat both customers and dashers decently. I've used the app as a customer and its a hit or miss with this app compared to others. Ive got some pretty good experiences, but the horrible ones trump the good ones.

**If anyone is wondering the better companies (in my opinion) Postmates, GrubHub, Uber Eats(iffy but they treat thier drivers better than whatever crap DoorDash is giving), & BiteSquad** To summarize: horrible customer sercice to both customers and dashers(drivers), halfway decent pay, bad app service(crashing). I hope DoorDash is forced to go out of business, they tarnish and ruin the experience of food delivery.

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Oh and I'm still on hold currently at 55 mins and 34 seconds....yay.