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Rules changes weekly it seems. App changes weekly and so does pay.

Contract between drivers and company are bogus. Doordash does what it feels like. Sometimes they even steal your tips. I have asked the customer on several occasions to find out I have been stiffed out of the difference of $9.

A payroll audit needs to be conducted. Drivers have a car to maintain and they have no problem accepting orders out of the designated assigned area - 15 to 16 miles for one order. Thats means the drive back adds up and another order cannot be accepted if out of the area. The app now hides how it is calculated and trip charge can be as little as $1 plus tip.

You enter a contract, either party cannot change it unless there is an agreement. Doordash just does what they want and what ever you agreed to as a 1099 employee - independent contractor is bogus.

DOORDASH Cons: Jobs taken away from us workers.

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