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I am a Dasher. My last 15+ deliveries were on time before scheduled delivery time.

My “on time” delivery rating has remained at 89% throughout all these deliveries. This rating is supposed to be based on the last 100 deliveries. To qualify to do DoorDash Drive orders you must maintain a 90% on time delivery rating. I feel as though DoorDash keeps you below that threshold for some odd reason.

I have submitted many tickets and talked to live agent’s In regards to this with no prevail. Almost 100% of my deliveries that were late we’re not in my control. We are at the mercy of the restaurants having the order ready by pick up time and a lot of the time it is not thus not making it possible to make the delivery on time. I have also complained about this and DoorDash claims that they cannot change the delivery time.

This is completely out of our control and I believe delivery time should be adjusted via the time the order is ready. So not only are they hindering our possibility of advancing but they Are exhibiting an unfair practice of keeping your on time delivery rating below 90% Meaning you cannot do doordash drive orders.

Door dash Drive orders are larger orders with the potential to make more money. Very very unfair practice that needs to be corrected.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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