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After waiting the 45-60 min delivery period I received a notification that my order had been delivered. I went to my door, nothing was there.

I texted Calvin, the delivery contact, he never responded. I called him, there was no answer. I called DoorDash and they let me know the order showed complete. I explained that it had never been delivered, they offered a refund, I accepted.

I called the restaurant directly and placed my order directly with them. I went to the restaurant to pick up my call in order. When I got there they let me know that they would be discounting my meal, they had placed it under the warmer to keep warm because the DoorDash guy had left while they were packaging it, when I placed the same exact order, they didnt remake the food, they figured it was OK to hold and discount and avoid the waste. I wasnt expecting that at all.

I am glad the restaurant has amazing service because DoorDash cant be relied on. I understand Calvin not being able to wait or having to cancel but I dont understand marking the order as delivered when it wasnt even picked up.

User's recommendation: Don’t use DoorDash unless you can risk having to grab your order yourself.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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