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I ordered two pizzas and a drink on DoorDash today. I received email confirmation at 1:23 confirming my order.

Since DoorDash had screwed up my order in the past I called the restaurant to confirm whether they received the order and later to confirm the dasher had picked it up. Thereafter I stated getting notifications the dasher is on his/her way to my home which is 10 minutes from the restaurant. After an hour and a half of not receiving I contacted the dasher on phone and text but there was no response. The restaurant confirmed the food was picked up but the Customer Support said it hasn’t yet could not provide any explanation why after 1 1/2 hour it hasn’t been picked up.

Later they offered a refund which I will receive after 5 days. I will wait to receive my refund and then delete the DoorDash app so I never have to use it again.

I also learnt during the process that out of my order of $32.37, $10 were DoorDash charges, they also charged 30% of the order from the restaurant which is another $7. So out of an order of $32, DoorDash made $17 and the Pizza restaurant $15, the pizza place even pays tax from that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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