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I ordered thru Doordash at 8:54pm on a regular Saturday night. Doordash app shows expected eta of 9:54pm.

At 10:17pm, the Doordash app showed that someone picked up the food and on its way to me. It gets to 10:38pm and the food was marked Delivered by the dasher. I call downstairs to my apt lobby (It has 24/7 security desk) and asked if anyone delivered or dropped off food. They said no so I wait a few more mins and still nothing.

I call DoorDash and they said they will contact the Dasher while they put me on hold. They took me off hold and said they cant contact the Dasher. Meanwhile Im hungry , pissed off, confused. Its been almost 2 hours since I ordered and now Im just waiting cluelessly on what to do.

I get it escalated to a supervisor and they tell me they cant reimburse me or do anything for me until they do their follow up investigation. Meanwhile Im out 121 dollars and waiting for their email on the next day. Fast forward the next day in the afternoon, and I get an email from DoorDash saying they were able to contact the Dasher and Dasher confirmed it was delivered. My building has 24/7 on site security, cctv , and a sign in sheet for anyone that comes in.

They dont have a record for anyone coming in to deliver food to my apt at all.

Now Im stuck spending my time to gather evidence so I can pass along the info to my credit card company to get my money back. Has anyone had the same issue with Doordash?

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $121.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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