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So I make an order to chipotle at 1:09pm it says my order will arrive at 1:24pm. I keep track of the order and everything is just dandy that is until it says my driver is approaching.

I have security cameras and security doorbells (Ring) so I know when someone is on, near, or passing my property. I receive NO indication that anyone is at my front door from my security alerts. I manually go through the recorded footage to see if I missed my dasher, nothing. I am told on the DoorDash app that my order has been delivered and I check my front doorstep since I directed my dasher to leave it on my porch, nothing is there.

I check my back door, nothing. I check to see if the food was left on the outskirts of my fence, nothing. I check my surrounding neighbors’ front doors, NOTHING. I immediately contact DoorDash support and they call my dasher to which they reply saying “I followed the instructions” clearly they didn’t if nothing was ever dropped OFF!

I’m then told by the support agent that they will update me in 1-2 hrs with a resolution, that time passes and nothing so I am forced to restart a new chat with another agent and have to repeat what I’ve already explained and then I’m told that they’re experiencing technical difficulties and that I will be contacted with a resolution by the end of the day... so again I’m told to wait on what I feel is a fairly obvious course of action.

Just refund me for the food I NEVER received! I’d be more than happy to send ALL the footage my cameras have recorded just to prove a dasher was never at my address in order to be rightfully refunded.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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