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First of all. My pissed consumer email addressed me as Ashlynne.

My name is joanna. And secondly. I placed an order through doordash. Olga accepted my order.

There was 40 minutes until wendys closed. I was looking in the app to see where Olga was. She was in norton which is about 20 mins from where I was. I tried to call to see if she was able to make it to wendys in time.

She did not answer so I texted her. I asked if she was going to make it and if she didnt think she was then to kindly cancel the order so I could order again and hopefully get someone closer. She did not answer the text. I tried calling and texting several more times.

I could see her location the whole 40 minutes this was going on and she was moving no where near wendys even though it said she was heading to pick up the order. She finally answered back at 101am and said that wendys was closed and to call for a refund. I had tried to contact her for 40 minutes straight and did not receive an answer until the store was closed. I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied.

I have never received such poor customer service. I reached out multiple times in a polite manner because I saw her location and thought she may be too far to away to make it to the store on time, and she did not answer for 40 minutes until after the store was closed and now I have no food. Very very very dissatisfied. PLEASE tell your drivers to RESPOND when someone contacts them.

ESPECIALLY when it is regarding the timing of an order. AND please address the customer with the CORRECT name when emailing them back.

Thank you kindly

Joanna G

DOORDASH Cons: Food was not delivered.

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