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Update by user Jun 06, 2018

More crazy talk from DD! Hi Robyn, Thank you for your prompt response.

I'm sorry for the confusion that we have caused you and we understand that this issue makes you frustrated and worried. This email is to clarify everything regarding your issues with the extra delivery pay that you are expecting to receive... Second, from your dash last May 27 there was no Bonus pay alert in our system. The extra delivery pay that you are asking for dashing within the Peak Bonus is the dashes you have completed last June 03, 2018 which you are not qualified due to your actual acceptance rate of 67% out of 75% to be qualified for this Bonus that is the reason why you didn't received the extra delivery pay of $16.00.

I hope I have clarified these important information that you are inquiring about. Just a friendly reminder, whenever you are getting alerts of extra pay or bonus pay if you dash in peak hours make sure that you always take a screenshot of that in your app. Please let us know if you still have questions or concerns aside from this one and we are happy to assist you further. Thank you and have yourself a great day ahead!

MY RESPONSE: On May 27, of course there was a Peak Bonus! It was Sunday afternoon in Silicon Valley! There is always a peak bonus for lunch/dinner and weekends there! I was unaware that it is my responsibility to document what the DD app displays!

If that is the case, then DD needs to make that clear to their drivers. It's ridiculous that the DD software is unable to accurately keep track of all of this and that it is on the drivers to have to hold DD accountable for the information they give. Regarding June 3, I actually accepted 5 of 6. One of those 5 had to be canceled at the restaurant because they never received the order from DoorDash - not my fault.

In an email I received from Donn on June 3 ...

(read my comments from yesterday). Has anyone else had this kind of problem getting paid for Peak Hours?

Update by user Jun 05, 2018

I've been communicating via email with Donn, DoorDash Customer Care, though I don't believe "Donn" represents one single person because the level of English language ability varies between emails. Also they keep referring to me as "Edgar," even though I informed them that is not my name.

Anyway . . . On May 27 I wrote with the request to pay me the bonuses I had earned on that day and on May 15.

I was asked to send screen shots of the earnings for the days, which I did on June 3. On June 3 I also informed them of a problem I had with an order that was not received by the restaurant and that my attempts to contact DD via the app failed twice (screen told me no one was available). I had to cancel the order to move on, and my rating was docked for that. Additionally, I was - once again - not paid the bonus of $4/delivery I earned.

I was contacted on June 4 via email with the following, "First and foremost I'm happy to inform you that I was able to process a total of $20.00 credit on your account that will reflect on your next pay period.

And at the same time we are now working on the rating as you requested consider it done." It has been nearly 24 hours since I received that email. It is not done.

Original review posted by user Jun 04, 2018

I was delivering this evening and when I went to pick up an order at Habit Burger in Hayward, CA, I was told the restaurant hadn't received the order. I was also told that they had been having trouble with DoorDash orders not being received.

I texted the customer right away, then attempted to contact DoorDash "Help" via the app. I was prompted to accept the option to chat, which I did. I then received the message that no one was available and that I should try again later. I tried again, same response.

I was not paid for any part of the delivery, and additionally, my completion rate was hurt because of this. When I canceled the delivery via the app, the only option I could choose for this issue was "Some Other Reason."

I think I should be compensated for at least part of the delivery, and certainly should not be docked for not completing a delivery!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

DOORDASH Pros: Flexibility, Opportunity to make money.

DOORDASH Cons: Poor communication with support, Being sent a long distance for inadequate pay, Not getting paid the earned per hour bonus pay, Completion rate decreased due to a cancelation i did not make.

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