Hamilton Township, New Jersey
Not resolved

I ordered 2 pernil entrees from a local restaurant. This entree includes rice, beans and potatoes.

The person how placed the order rejecting every side it comes with. The owner said she even questioned the caller and they insisted I only wanted pork. The owner was amazingly apologetic, even though she had done nothing wrong and prepared two new platters free of charge. I couldn’t find a phone number on doordash to save my life!

I was thrilled to find this website! I was on hold for well over 15 minutes, only to be connected to a representative that barely spoke English. Eventually she put me on hold to get someone else to help. After about 5 mins on hold, the call was disconnected.

Called back and sat on hold for about 10 mins this time. I was transferred twice, finally got someone that I understood and knew what the *** he was doing. He offered a refund, which I declined. I’m super hungry so he’s sending another driver to deliver it.

This whole process sucked. Two hours after I 1st placed the order and I’m still waiting.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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