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I placed an order through DoorDash, for a grilled chicken salad. When the driver arrived at the location, upon arriving at the restaurant she was informed, they were out of grilled chicken.

I elected to have ham and bacon instead. I was charged $9.49 for a grilled chicken, ham and bacon salad. Since there was not any grilled chicken, the price of my salad decreased to $5.94. The driver informed me the adjusted cost would automatically happen; I should receive a refund for the overage.

I waited a couple of days, before contacting CS. I was asked to provide the receipt showing the decreased price of the salad. I also added the message from the driver, informing me, that there was not any grilled chicken. This company did not even bother verifying the information with their driver, assumed that this message was from someone not affiliated with them since their number did not match their organization.

I ask for a copy of the receipt; I received the credit card receipt showing the amount that was charged for the salad since that receipt only bared the decreased amount it was not correct. Very unfortunate, overcharging people for food and turning a blind eye when there is a discrepancy.

I will never use the service again. I hope my review helps deter consumers from making the same mistake I did entrust a service from a company who lacks etiquette and does not stand behind their business motto when dealing with the customers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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