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I needed to speak to a supervisor pertaining to one of your delivery drivers. He violated our terms of agreement between both of our companies by making a social media complaint and talking bad about our company on Google. Here is a copy of his review of google.Draconyite3 hours ago

I contract through doordash and had an unfortunately unpleasant experience that quite frankly, I should have had someone arrested for harassment, but I'm too nice to ruin someone's life. Anyways, to start for context, Doordash has a "pickup ready" button that companies can press on the app to let us drivers know when food's ready. You press it when food's ready, not 10 minutes early to cheekishly attempt to "draw" drivers in faster, and Doordash as a company frowns on the misuse of their products, as any company would. When I arrived at the restaurant, I was told food wasn't ready, and asked why not. Was told their company does it differently, so I stated, and I quote, "That is an egregious distrust and misuse of the Doordash app." I then mentioned it wasn't appreciated, and politely walked to a corner to wait for the order. I was then bullied and accosted by a manager who felt the need to get within 3-4 inches of my face, breathing down my neck. She proceeded to tell me I had somehow belittled or insulted or harassed her employee. I proceeded to politely disagree and tried to explain what I said and that it was a misunderstanding. This lady then proceeded on a Warpath and threatened to kick me out. When I then explained that I understood the situation, and that I wouldn't cause any issues, this somehow made her ANGRIER. She then kicked me out of the restaurant where I had to wait an extra 5-10 minutes for the food to be finished. Then a man I've never spoken to, physically shoves my shoulder and tells me to follow him to talk to him. I proceed to ask who he is. I find out he's the *owner* of the store, so I let him know what's on my mind. I tell him his manager has been bullying me and BOLD FACE lying about what/how I said things, and that she was on a warpath to screw me over from the moment she saw me. He proceeds to talk down to me and doesn't seem to want to budge. So I finally get the food outside and walk away, almost in tears because I was verbally and physically acosted and assaulted by their upper staff. I personally could have called the cops and had them arrested because they BROKE THE LAW. DO NOT EVER GO TO THIS RESTAURANT. They do not deserve your business and people do NOT deserve to be BULLIED and then TRANSFERRED ONTO by the bully. Absolutely Unacceptable and Embarrassing.

I expect a call from one of your supervisors on how we are going to solve this issue.


Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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