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Pay rate! STOP GIVING OUT LITTLE *** $3.00 for high mileage drop-offs and knowing the customers not tipping, guaranteed !

Hi Good morning My name is Angelique, and I'm a dasher for DoorDash and I have been a dasher for over a couple of years a now. I just want to say you guy's pay rate sucks! This is the worst work your own hour job. I Can't GET PAID FOREAL IF DoorDash STEADY TRYING TO PAYOUT $3.00 for 10 miles !!!!!!!

You all give out so less of money for so many miles on our cars. It's definitely a hazel if were using our personal cars, so like myself. You guys need to up pay rate we are still in a pandemic were trying to work and feed your family is hard getting a real job is hard because of Covid-19, so we come out to do hustles in order to provide for our loved ones when this weak *** company is only offering $3.00 for high mileage. I see why everybody converts over to Uber Eats and Grubhub etc.

because you guys rates suck and door dash not paying fair amount to us dashers who also put ourselves in jeopardy of getting sick.

You would lose more employees quicker than you all expect if y'all keep giving out these *** rates of pay with so many miles. The dumbest thing I ran across in life so selfish !

User's recommendation: Tip us cause they don’t pay us nothing !!!!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

DoorDash Pros: Deliver your food.

DoorDash Cons: Not taking responsibility -passing the buck.

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