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I have (before and after) screen shots of DoorDash illegally manipulating numbers in my Earnings account.

I emailed them and asked them why i wasn't getting paid for some deliveries, and why i wasn't getting any tips, (because customers would tell me they were tipping me, and then DoorDash wouldn't give it to me. Sometimes, if they didn't take it, they would give me a fraction of it and wouldn't tell me how much the customer actually tipped me.

They replied and basically tried telling me that they could pretty much pay me whatever they wanted to.

I said, "This can't be legal"

Then that's when they started manipulating the numbers in my account

Then they started to manipulate the numbers in my account,. Right now it says i was paid $103.28 when pinky4 $97.98 was deposited.

They altered a bunch of the amounts and changed what was tips and what was base pay.

It looks xtremely illegal.

I have (before and after) screen shots of door dash manipulating numbers in my account

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