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I am a dasher and my payment from the week 2-8 April did not come true .

I have been calling it’s been more than one week and no one ever return with any solution.

My name is Lucia, can someone please give me a call at 3238359268, also you can contact me on my e mail , that is : luciamendes1981@outlook.com.

The amount is usd 301,98 and it is saying it was deposited on April 9, I am wondering what happened and calling everyday without an answer is getting me really pissed. I hope you understand , if I work I want to receive for that...

I am waiting for your response or I will have to go after my rights.

Have a nice day

Kind regards

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $310.

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I’m trying to delete my account because y’all say my order will be here in an certain time and it doesn’t it come way after also y’all are more expensive than delivery it’s self


All double talk. I got an email telling me it is rare that I will be reimbursed.

Someone changed my bank info.

Customer service told me I was getting my money and I was very confused. I will call the bank tomorrow again and see if they can help me.


Am Dealing with the same thing I had made at least 100 and some dollars for the week and they only paid me seven dollars and I’ve been calling and calling I go see multiple screenshots and still nothing has happened yet


This my issue and keep sending dd sscreenshots yet another dasher said their previous checks still show same. Was happening slowly, but now rapidly where past pay is actually going down from what paid and even some only show reimbursement amounts and weeks missing.

I thought account hacked even though so far getting checks. Changed password again and still happening.


May 20th and 27th for me! Lost over $200 and they claim they don't see it.

When I went to do fast pay and it was already "deposited" , I knew it was gone.. whenever I do dash now I'm doing fast pay only, really trying not to even dash no more tho


They don't pay you twice they took all of my money and claimed it had been sent to my bank


This company is terrible , my 100$ Just disappeared from my funds and the only person I can talk to is some Indian over the text chat , and all they could do was refer me to an email , this is straight robbery, there’s no office I can go to , no customer rep I can speak to, they don’t give a damn about their workers.. they deserve to burn an go out of business


Amen. I absolutely hate the Support at Dashapp.

I have never screamed and cussed someone out so many times in my life. I literally was so upset by the way they treated me and had zero interest in helping me.

They are not doordashersupport they are there to mislead you, to tell you no and to act like they are there to help. Where are these people from total {{Redacted}}.


They won't direct deposit. Say I have to update bank information.

I've repeatedly contacted them since the app has the correct information. One tech support guy hemmed and hawed and promised more tech support would contact me. Never did.

They told me my case was closed due to inactivity after many emails and messages. I've given them an ultimatum for legal action.


Yes thy owe me $300 as well. Says my money was deposited into an account that isn’t mine.

Never seen that account #. My account was hacked and someone changed my information.

I have never given my password out but Doordash blames me and says it’s my fault and that’s it’s too late to reverse the funds. This is *** they owe me $300 for my hard work and gas and they are not even trying to help


Exactly what I’m going through


Why would they try to help? They stole the money.

The support staff is there to give you a false sense of hope. The are so *** I spent about an hour with one of the support staff members just talking nonsense. Acting like a complete weirdo , jerk etc. I had all these personas and harassed the guy with the same question after I side tracked him on some topic about walking his dog or what type of condoms he think I should buy when I get my money back that they owe me.

I sad pretty whacked out crap , my friend next to me was litterally rolling on the floor because the CS rep was not phased one bit by my talk. The only time he broke from his dry , heartless, empty shell of a human being was when after Every thing topic change I would say "ok so I understand this and I understand that. This makes sense but If this happens again what should I do." Almost like a recording he told me exactly what yo do. Id listen to everything.

Then I would say ok got it so if this happens again.

I should go to UberEats website a file my claims there ? " he would tell me know We are not interests


I am filing a civil suit We need to all be on this


Yes, we all need to do this as well.


I going through the same crap may 6 and may 13 th pay has not been deposited i called many times they keep telling me will file a escalation the the email i get it talks about fast pay and im just trying to get pay period


I will be there to help. I want these people to go down foe this.


I’m in


All should do lawsuit. As numerous times I've owed them money saying next check starts negative balance yet they ones stealing my money.

Changing base pay before my eyes so then i dont get amy tips or partial tips. Tony Xu going down!!!


ok so this is spooky!! they say they use fast-pay and gave us a 066 231-0000 number which INDEED is a phone number to fast-pay.

IN IRAQ!! which is having issues with english banks because it is suspected of funding {{redacted}}! the only company in the us with Fast Pay is a media financing group out of California. they work with big money not electronic "wallets" like Fast-Pay.

Look it up yourself! Is Doordash really working with {{readcted}}?????


I never received my payment of $379.55 between July 23rd to Aug. 1st.

2018. I've contacted them through email and phone. It took about a few days to reach a human being to talk to. They told me that my account was hacked and money was deposited in someone else's account!

WTFUDGE! That's why I never receive the money. Doordash told me they will investigate it. It's been a week and I have not heard anything from Doordash.

I'm beyond pissed! I emailed Doordash again today regarding my case and still no response from them. I don't know what they are trying to pull but it is starting to sound very shady.

That's money I earned. And they need to pay up regardless!