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I want 1218 2018 I started my board their *** 1030 to 130 I did two dishes if they completed the list – my app just put in work no more it wouldn't allow me to Dash and I noticed I wasn't paid for the two dishes I did so I rebooted the phone turn the phone off talk to y'all y'all tried to fix it enough and they said it been some problems with a lot of people They said they were working on it this morning when I checked that it was working but my pay was not there so I gave your course they see the puppy they see the two dishes I did it and don't know why it is not showing up and they still working on some issues so no my problem is still not resolved because I checked it just now and is still the same

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I've never heard of anything lazier than third party commercial food delivery. People are too lazy to shop, to lazy to cook, way to lazy to clean up ; and there must be something new in this century that I haven't caught yet - a total lack of preparation in all things and plenty of blame to pass around when Lazy World malfunctions somehow.

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