Montrose, Colorado
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My initial concern was that. I get notifications from door dash that it’s super busy in my area and you guys offer peak pay amounts.

So I own my own company here in Denver and dash during my free time so when today it was a snow storm and the peak pay was $6 I decided to dash when I got the notice so I completed 6 delivery’s between the hours of 5:23pm and 9:01pm all within the peak pay hour time frame. But when I click on earning it just shows me the delivery’s and normal pay amounts. Nothing at the far bottom about peak time pay as it usually says.

Also I have a concern about a delivery I took on feb 1 2019 just a few days ago. It was late at night and you guys sent me a delivery which was unbelievable far actually across about 3-4 towns and I told myself you know what I like this company and you guys have helped me out recently with extra money why not let me take it.

So after driving about 20-30 minutes to the 7/11 gas station pickup as I arrived inside the clerk says the order has been canceled. The whole time I never got a text or notification from you guys. At least stating turn around ASAP. Instead I drove all the way there and all the way back almost hour round trip and got absolutely nothing for it.

Not even the base rate. So those are my two concerns

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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