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Last night I received my Grocery Order from Wal-Mart.ca via Doordash; Delivery Window was 6 - 7 p.m....

While I was waiting for my delivery, I was in the process of dismantling a Desk, and not doing the best job of it. As I was proceeding, the phone rang, I knew it would be my Wal-Mart Grocery Order, and made a dash for the telephone.

Stupidly, I'd left one of the wooden pieces against the wall, had not taken out the nails, and (well) took a gash out of my leg; gads, did it bleed.

I then saw the numbers 1-450.... and new it was your Delivery Driver. I hit 'Redial', but it would not go through; Long Distance Call and all that (your Routing Centre in Montreal, as it turns out).

My priority was my leg, stopped the bleeding temporarily, slapped on an Elastoplast Band-Aid, and headed down the lift for the Back Lobby of our building. As I was entering the Lobby, I saw a car starting to pull away, familiar large red bags in view, and waved; window rolled down, and was politely asked if I was Robin.

Long story short, your Driver is only allowed to wait five minutes, something about your system closing him out after said five minutes, and he must return the Order; with no provision to alter this once the process started.

I explained what had happened, and your Driver quickly turned into Dr. Empathic mode, flew out of the car, asked if I was alright, etc.... Who does that any more ?! Your Driver broke protocol, carried my shopping up to my apartment, made sure I was OK, and I promised to contact you; so as he would not be in the proverbial 'Hot Water'.

I am recently retired, having specialized in Customer / Client / Public Relations, on both sides of the Atlantic, in Retail, Wholesale, Logistics, and Not-For-Profit.

What I experienced last night was (what I call) ' Gold Standard Service' - Doordash should be proud to have an Employee who represents your organization as this chap was last night; he not only represented Doordash; he also represented Wal-Mart Canada; whom I also contacted with my appreciation.

There are many who would be quick to say he was simply performing his job as per parameters; however, there are those who give that extra bit more, the ubiquitous 110%. This Driver is a credit to your team, and I hope he will be recognized for his efforts.

BTW, please tell him I did not require stitches, but a nasty gash none-the-less.


Robin W. Toronto, Ontario CANADA

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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