Perth Amboy, New Jersey
Not resolved

I have submitted a complaint about direct deposit, but it did not help at all. I am doing everything right, however, it still saying error.

I don’t know what’s happening but I’m having trouble with my direct deposit for over 2 weeks.

I’ve been following all steps but it’s not helping me. Please fix my direct deposit before monday, so I can get paid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I believe the direct deposit does not work on "prepaid" accounts, even with banks. My direct deposit did not work because my bank account was a prepaid bank account.

I saw on another post on Reddit that you can sign up for a chime bank account and it will let your payments go through, and send you a bank card. From what it says, it looks like no fees, but check it out for yourself. It doesn't look like it cost anything to transfer the money from your chime account into your normal bank account. I just signed up and it worked perfectly.

I should be getting my card soon. You also get paid up to two days faster than you normally would.




Im having the same issue! I cant get paid..


Has anyone found a good answer to this? I've been trying to fix this issue for 3 days.

My bank account info is definitely correct... Trying to find out WHERE to send a pic of my ID or WHO to contact is an absolute nightmare.


Omg me too all of a sudden I stopped getting my money 3 wks now I sent an email to them and they replied asking how much and screenshots and pic of ID this is crazy I’m about to file a lawsuit


Threaten to file a lawsuit. Cause im about to. Ive uploaded a pHoto of my id at least 10 times now it says ive had too many attempts

@William cooper

Hi, have they fixed this for you yet, I'm having the same problem. To many attempts and no answers


I am having the same problem they saying my account info is not right and to update it so I do and it says error one or more times failed to make payment please use another account I am beyond pissed off they owe me $75 I think I just got screwed omg what the *** man I really needed that money


Hi have they fixed this for you yet. Thanks.


Same issues. Claimed I would get paid on Monday, it's Thursday and I still have not been paid.

Now their saying it will be another week!

This is ridiculous! SCAM!


I'm also having the same issue. I don't understand why Doordash will allow you to even start dashing without having your direct deposit set up to begin with.

I made about $30 so far and it won't let me take it out. Definitely not recommending this job to anyone.

We're just working for free. smh


Im in the same boat they actually owe mw $200. They just keep sending me troubleshooting tips but nothing works.


I’m having the same problem. It won’t verify my identity with my Ca drivers license.

Which is supposed to not interfere with getting paid. Scan failed. Just issue after issue. I have spoken to 5-6 people at Dash to try and get paid.

They said bank rejected the direct deposit. I went to the bank yesterday and bank did not do so. They are not getting anything fixed at all for me and I’m sure others like yourself. They say all my info is correct but still no pay.

Dash has to many problems.

It’s seeming to be not a realiable and functioning company to work with. I’m considering not driving Door Dash any longer due to all my experiences.


Are you guys still Having the same problem?