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Fast pay

My fast pay says its sent bank doesn't have it. Need to speak with Some one



Why i dont see how much i made in my last delivery


About drop off Order

I did this morning good drop off for 260 or270 only get paid $15 lost time I get was $51 I just As was the same amount 247 or 270 im not sure Exactly I'm on tell much wanna know what is the difference between those 2 drop off


How I’m gonna get money

Hi my name is Pammy I haven’t set up my direct deposit yet? Do I really need to or I can get my check by mail or any other options to get my money?


Invite a friend

How do you invite a friend to join dasher for a bonus? When I press on the app nothing happens.



Can I dash without my red card?


Debit card

How do I check balance on my door dash card


Hi there

I’m just fill out the form for driver

Everything complete..

How long it’l be take to approve ?

Thank You


Can someone have a courtesy within doordash fraternity to call me and explain why i have not received my direct deposit in 3 weeks.

My phone no. 6785414170

My names are: Sir Chuku Ngare

Please I'm pleading for some help.


Why I can’t start dashing

They told me that I needed to wait a hour or a few hours for a response, but I would like to work now!


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