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Map pay

So I did my dash not to long ago and the map shows $2 per delivery and when I ended my dash I did not recive my extra pay whats going on doordash I need my extra money.

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Company suck they cheat you like that they will say your rating was low. Stupid company
@PissedConsumer1673179 I agree. Even if that’s the case they should alert u and give you a chance to get it up. After we done made them all this money and this is how they do us.
According to Doordash Help, if you believe you have been improperly paid or payment is missing, please create a support case here To ensure DoorDash can address your concern as quickly as possible, please provide the following information in your support case:
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Amount of pay that is missing or incorrect
  • The day or days on which the deliveries in question took place, whether or not you use FastPay
@Irene Moore John E Coulter coulterj49@***.co 187.17 For 3/11 through 3/17
@Raed Where is my pay
@Raed Did you accept your market minimum aceptance rate? I am at 80% in Chicago.. 4/5 8/10 It sucks just make sure you pay attention. And if you did just follow the steps postes above
@Raed The DoorDash Help page states that dashers get paid on a weekly basis for all deliveries completed between Monday - Sunday of the previous week (ending Sunday at midnight PST). Payments are transferred at that time directly to your bank account through Direct Deposit, and usually take 2-3 days to show up in your bank account, so payments will appear by Wednesday night.

If you need any assistance with your payment, please contact DoorDash support by phone at (844) 285-**** or by email at support@***.com. You can also write to: DoorDash, Inc. 116 New Montgomery Street 4th Floor San Francisco, California 94105 United States or file a support case here: with a detailed description of your issue.

@Raed This isn’t true this website is a scam contact the real DoorDash through the app ask them for your refund and tell them what happened I got my refund the same day that I paid for my order this account looks real but it is not the real DoorDash Customer Support Line my employer here with the federal government has recorded information from and tracked/tracking all activity call logs with satellite pings for location information.
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Why was my account deactivated and how long will it be like that

by Taquisha J Qez

They said I was late to a couple drop off but really I wasn’t it was just my phone lost internet connection than they said someone said I never made a delivery but the lady was a races anyways n I always take pictures or leave notes I’m not understanding no one reached out to me or tried to even communicate n hear what I had to say they just shut my account down that’s how I make my money

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Where is my money card

by Jasmine B Osa

I suppose to been got my money card still waiting can you guys check into it and send my card been two weeks already i need my funds thanks

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How can I get my refund

by Tanisha S Rug

My money went in the wrong account then it transfer to other bank account I wanna know can it go on another card since I change it

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by Suzanne H Vnc

I have not received any pay. Sep 13-19.

$66.37 Sep 10-26. $19.00 Sep 27- oct. 3. $18.00 Nothing was posted to my account.

I updated my account today. Back in January of this year we had same issues I thought we had it fixed.

Please help. Could I also have a phone number to talk to someone

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How can I get my refund???

by Marissa B Kbk

I had ordered food and my food was never delivered and I was NEVER refunded. I want my money back!!! My problem has not yet been resolved…

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Request for drive order

by Iqbal H Qki

Please help me Considerate for drive account I have go on market every day but. I never received offer I will order catering bag as soon as I get invitation letter

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by Kelli M Rxa

My phone had 2 b reset & I lost my Dash pass details plz how do I add back 2 my account I paid 4 the yearly

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Trying to cancel my subscription

by ArlishaK M

Am on the mobile app. It will let me select change card and billing history but NOT END SUBSCRIPTION.

HELP PLEASE. Thank you,

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Can I get my refund ?

by Quindarius N

I ordered my food and the dasher told me the places were closed when I went back to cancel because he told me they were closed I couldn’t even get a full refund or a refund at all . My number is +1 (60*) ***-****

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What is going on

by Marie Y Xqy

What is going on with door dash tried to call got ignored then my account logged me out and won’t let me in after I just placed a order and it was confirm

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why is my dasher card not staying registered?

by stephanie d Cle

i have registered my dasher card 3 or 4 times in the app. i got a text saying that it’s my last day to register it.

i typed in the card number, submitted it, saved my account information and then verified it with via code to my phone. as soon as i went all the way through it’s saying the same message “got a dasher card?

register it here.” and then underneath it saying “lost your card order new one here.”. i’m confused why it’s not saying it’s registered no matter how many times i type the card number.

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What's Door Dash Company numbe

by Michael S Mdt

Number that the IRS gives every business, I'm not sure where to locate this number but som help would definitely be awesome I want to try and get a payment add advance and that's possible with the door dash arms all up in a great tiff cuse e erything a so if u can please contact me with those numbers we will all be saved.

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Delivery fees

by Penny M Ejt

I bought the year subscription… but I’m still being charged delivery fees each time I order. Each of my orders are approximately $40.00 or more

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How can I get a refund

by Tanisha D Bnu

I ordered food delivery to my home food was cold , cheese on chicken had to have been 5 days old and I would like my money back

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How can I get my refund

by Salwa N Hvq

I ordered from subway on 08/23/21 and cancelled it and never got my cash back

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How do you refer a dasher?

by Brooklyn M Ygk

I tried going on the app and looking for the refer a friend banner but it doesn’t pop up. I’m trying to find my referral code but it won’t give me the option to do either.

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How do I become a dasher

by Isaiah J Zsf

I don’t have a Driver license but I have a bicycle

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Cómo hago para recuperar el servicio

by Kirenia F

Buenas tenía cuneta con ustedes y quisiera volver a empezar a trabajar quisiera que me Ayuden recupera de nuevo el trabajo

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I can not dash

by Whitney R Rpl

Hey I am trying dash but the app will not allow me because I have not received a red card. I requested a new card but I was wondering could I be able to dash without it until I get the new one in the mail?

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