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Tax return

by user55555126

I have worked for doordash and wanted to know if your mailing out the tax form


Customer ratings

I work very very diligently to provide best customer service possible. My rating starts sky rocketing and out of the blue they drop .15 to .20 points.

No details given.

How in the world can I correct something if I do NOT KNOW what I did wrong? Is this just a metrics DoorDash manipulates to prevent dashers from ever achieving a sense that they are doing a good job?


I agree with this. I received an order at 5:44 last night, and it turns out that the pick up was at 4:30.

I got to the restaurant 5 minutes later and to the customer writing 10 more minutes, if that. After going to the door, calling, and texting, I found he wasn't home. I finally got a hold of him, and he was livid. He was already 45 minutes away.I told him I'd contact doordash, he hung up on me.

I chatted with service to make sure he got reimbursed. My score dropped dramatically.I'm totally focused on service, so this bothers me. I am 99.9% sure my other lower scores were due to multiple orders at once. I even had one that I picked up taco bell in my designated area, and it had me deliver it 3 cities away.

That city was not within my delivery area. I'm really disappointed.I had perfect scores.


Hi I’m a dasher trying to get switched over to the Woodlawn area in Chicago can you all switch me ASAP please and thank you .

Your request is quite popular with DoorDash drivers. Check what can be done in such a situation here: Doordash question #11302



Welcome kit

by user11520580

I got a message saying my Welcome kit was here but notheing has arrived.


I have a question

by user26497078

I am working Doordash almost 1 year. I am working at Arlington of Virginia.

My orders had too far and didn’t give me order at last 3 days. I can’t make money.

Maybe my application didn’t work. Help me.


Driving in different areas

by user77493389

I’m based in San Jose and am going to L.A. and Orange County for a week. Can I dash while I’m there?


About email

Hi actually I put wrong email address to sign up for driver but my phone number is correct. So I don’t know how to change my email.

My phone number is 5638058562. Thanks

Your question seems to be quite frequent with dashers. Learn what can be done in a situation like this here: Doordash question #7932

Trying to become a driver

by user59474187

I’m having a difficult time signing up to become a driver


Delivery pay

by user62454514

With the new pay system are you still guaranteed the minimum base pay per delivery. I don't see that happening, so if your not guaranteed the base pay how do I opt out


Would the company activate an dasher account that was deactivated by the company?

by user26437549


Delight Number

by user71435166

I am in the process of setting up, what is my Delight # and Door Dash Cars Number ?


I applied for doordash delivery , how do I contact or speak with the manager about the work face to face? Thank you


Go into the office you got your t-shirt and food bags at


How do I change my birthdate

by user48425438

When I was signing up it wasn't clear how to enter the birthday so I accidentally moved forward with the app and now I can't complete it because the wrong birthday is entered.



by user31422412

My insurance is currently under my mother's name but I am allowed to drive the car because she has a universal coverage policy would that still work for me to become a doordash driver or does my name have to be on the insurance


How do I sign up for daily pay?


Down load the daily pay app


My friend invited me to it to do doordash

by user63412088

Hi my name is Kenny my friend invited me to do doordash but he doesn't see me on on his list of inviting friends so I was just trying to figure out how can I look into a check on that


Whats taking so long on background

by user17396679

They sent it to me already


Provide me with Employment information

by user88406414

Hello to whom may I concern, wanted to see if y'all can provise me with phone number and address im trying to get a house and Hello to whom may I concern Im trying to move into apartment they wanting to have prove of income i know y'all can't provide me with that. but can y'all send me a letter since I started working with y'all With Name of Company and address and phone number that they can contact y'all to prove them I'm working through y'all. Thanks


How to change phone number ?

I have a different phone


According to DoorDash website, drivers can update a dasher profile using the following steps:

"To update your personal information, please see the instructions below to change via mobile or desktop.

*Your phone number must match the mobile phone number you'll be using while dashing.

Option 1 via mobile:

Open your Dasher App

Access your profile iOS:

Tap on "Account" on the bottom tool bar.

Android: Tap on the menu on the top left and select "Account"

Edit the profile information required (First name, Last name, Email, Phone number)

Option 2 via desktop:

Go to

Click Profile Edit the profile information required (First name, Last name, Phone number, Zip / Postal code)"


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