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Walmart delivery

How can I become a dasher for Walmart


I want to get a replacement red card

Pls i need help to get another replacement card.

You can go to the local office to pick up a new red card or go to to order one for free. Then follow the procedure below:
  • On the Dasher app's home screen, click the "Account" button at the bottom.

  • Click the red text near the top of the "Profile" tab that says "Lost your Red Card?
  • Tap here to remove it from your Dasher Account."
  • Mark your card as lost and enter your new card's delight number & last 4 digits.

  • Open the menu at the top left of the Dasher app's home screen and click on the "Red Card" tab.
  • Mark your card as lost and enter your new card's delight number & last 4 digits.


Do you accept personal checks?Does DoorDash?

You may contact Doordash customer service to find this detail about payments.

Icon on my phone

I cant get this microphone off my screen its wont let me speech to text i want it off


Doordash app

Im a dasher..but my app is not working so i need to delete it and download it what i mean is where can i find the exact doordash app??


You can download it directly from the company website at


Fraudulent usage

Today my debit card was stolen I receive alerts through text whenever my card is used I received a text at 8:26 pm indicating my card was used I contacted my paycard and was informed that my card was used for a door dash purchase for McDonald’s for $7.80 and I soon after canceled my card because of that reason. I would like details as to where it was sent and any information that I can get concerning this issue

First, you need to contact the issuer of the debit card and report your card stolen/lost. Please, provide more details about the company and we may help to find the contact information you are looking for. You may also post a review on Pissed Consumer to be heard by the company and resolve your issue faster.

Dasher set-up

I’m trying to set up my red card and it won’t accept the expiration date of my license because it doesn’t expire until 2064. What do I do?


Fast pay


Red card

Has my red card been mailed? Kenedrick Browning



Need to get status of my order that was placed a bit after 6pm eastern time.



I have not received my activation kit


Never received my activation kit

I never received my activation kit it’s been 2 months now

According to, if you haven't received your activation kit in 5-7 business days, you need to contact DoorDash customer help center for additional assistance.

I have not received my activation kit yet


Delivering for Doordash

I'm not sure if I have reached the right department, but I am trying to get started with Doordash delivering. I applied or signed up last week.

How long does it take to get confirmation to get started? I know I have to download app on my phone as well. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Thank You!!! Sincerely, Darlene



I paid and been waiting outside for 45 minutes for your idiot driver and never got my food. What the heck?

I want my money back in my account ASAP!

Your driver doesn't answer my calls or texts now. REFUND!!!!!!



How to contact doordash about a problem it keeps telling me I need a microphone what the heck is that


Won't let me place an order on my iPad all of a sudden

All of a sudden I can not place orders, why?


About wrong payments

I didn't take any wrong payments 7000 something why you sent me like that email


Missing weekly deposit

What haven’t I heard from anyone about my missing money?????


This issue seems to be rather frequent with dashers. Check what can be done in this situation in the answer to question #12173


Start point

I want to change my start point to downtown


Red card

My red card keep on saying failed whenever I try to activate it . Will I be able to receive a new one ?


In case your DoorDash Red Card keeps getting declined, the company website suggests contacting customer service team by following ways:

Call DoorDash toll-free number: (855) 973-1040 or customer support number (650) 681-9470

Click on the button at the top right corner of your app that says "HELP" (iPhone) or "?" (Android).

If you want to order a new Red Card you can either go to their local DoorDash store or order it from the for free


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