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My app now, requests orders and dashing in Montana, I am in Boise Idaho, I would like to have it corrected, I’m not getting schedules for delivery times and I’m not getting orders. Can this be fixed very soon so I can get my time schedules in also orders. Thank you Tony Camara


My activation kit

I was wondering were is my activation kit is at? Still have got it.

How do I find my tracking number? Thanks


I was wondering were is my activation kit is ? I still have not got i

Irene Moore

This issue seems to be quite popular with DoorDash. According to the company Help Center, once you sign up to receive an Activation Kit you will receive an email from either (US-based Dashers) or (Canada-based Dashers). This email will contain a tracking number which you can use to track the delivery status of your Activation Kit.


Door Dash order just in limbo?

I placed an order with Door Dash before 7pm. The website lists the driver as "At Restaurant" at 7:30 pm only it's been like that for over an hour.

It is is currently 8:55 pm, 2 hours later and I can neither cancel the order nor get a real status update. How do I cancel this nonsense and get my $30 back?


Doordash had two numbers - (844) 285-0248 (650) 681-9470 They are annoying to deal with, but they can get you your money back


According to DoorDash’s terms, the company is under no obligation to offer refunds on orders that were completed and delivered. The company also states that they may issue refunds at their "sole discretion."



I can’t login




More info


DoorDash password

Haw to change my password


According to you can reset your password you need to specify your email address to receive instructions for resetting it. If an account exists by that email, the company will send a password reset.


End an ordet

I'm a dasher and need help to end my last order but chat isn't available.


Address is gone from app.

My mom, a Dasher, got two orders. The first one the address disappeared from the app, the second one the address of the restaurant disappeared! How is she supposed to fix this?


What states have DoorDash?

Is DoorDash available in West Virginia? What states have DoorDash?


Based on the information found on, the company doesn't operate in West Virginia. The list of all the states where DoorDash is available here


About the bonus

Will I be getting up to 1000$ once i do 18 more runs is it true


Change locations

I was in reno nv. Now im in orange county irvine ca.

Will you change my working area. Thanks dan


Walmart delivery

How can I become a dasher for Walmart


I want to get a replacement red card

Pls i need help to get another replacement card.

You can go to the local office to pick up a new red card or go to to order one for free. Then follow the procedure below:
  • On the Dasher app's home screen, click the "Account" button at the bottom.

  • Click the red text near the top of the "Profile" tab that says "Lost your Red Card?
  • Tap here to remove it from your Dasher Account."
  • Mark your card as lost and enter your new card's delight number & last 4 digits.

  • Open the menu at the top left of the Dasher app's home screen and click on the "Red Card" tab.
  • Mark your card as lost and enter your new card's delight number & last 4 digits.


Do you accept personal checks?Does DoorDash?

You may contact Doordash customer service to find this detail about payments.

Icon on my phone

I cant get this microphone off my screen its wont let me speech to text i want it off


Doordash app

Im a dasher..but my app is not working so i need to delete it and download it what i mean is where can i find the exact doordash app??


Play store.. Google..


You can download it directly from the company website at


Fraudulent usage

Today my debit card was stolen I receive alerts through text whenever my card is used I received a text at 8:26 pm indicating my card was used I contacted my paycard and was informed that my card was used for a door dash purchase for McDonald’s for $7.80 and I soon after canceled my card because of that reason. I would like details as to where it was sent and any information that I can get concerning this issue

First, you need to contact the issuer of the debit card and report your card stolen/lost. Please, provide more details about the company and we may help to find the contact information you are looking for. You may also post a review on Pissed Consumer to be heard by the company and resolve your issue faster.

Dasher set-up

I’m trying to set up my red card and it won’t accept the expiration date of my license because it doesn’t expire until 2064. What do I do?


Fast pay


Red card

Has my red card been mailed? Kenedrick Browning



Need to get status of my order that was placed a bit after 6pm eastern time.


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