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Red card

My red card keep on saying failed whenever I try to activate it . Will I be able to receive a new one ?


In case your DoorDash Red Card keeps getting declined, the company website suggests contacting customer service team by following ways:

Call DoorDash toll-free number: (855) 973-1040 or customer support number (650) 681-9470

Click on the button at the top right corner of your app that says "HELP" (iPhone) or "?" (Android).

If you want to order a new Red Card you can either go to their local DoorDash store or order it from the for free


Missing money

Can u guys call me



I work wth doordash and i didn't get pay so i need to know what's the reason


Where is my direct deposit


Direct deposit

Do i have to have to use direct deposit or can i use a prepaid card


I want to purchase dasher supplies

I need dasher driver equipment so that I can purchase them. Where do I go to purchase my new equipment? What website can I go to so I can buy your equipment?


Driving with kids

I live in Grand Rapids. Am I able to deliver with my kids?


Fast pay

On wed i try cash out with fast pay now it saying i wait for 26th to cash out did anybody else get that message


Lost card

Need a reimbursement for an order I paid with cash. And would like to know when can I get a new card


According to DoorDash’s terms, the company is under no obligation to offer refunds on orders that were completed and delivered. The company also states that they may issue refunds at their "sole discretion."



Have not been paid over three weeks now they are going to evict me this Friday so sad



Just got an iPhone not sure what app is the correct app I’m used to use an android can anybody help me


Submitted with delivery address of different restaurant?

I recently submitted an order at Moe's in Bellmore, NY intending for it to be delivered to 3974 anne dr, seaford but the address it shows is for a different doordash restaurant. How do I correct this? {{Redacted}}

Unfortunately, the company website doesn't provide any information regarding this matter.
The only option you may consider is canceling the order. If the restaurant has not yet accepted your order, you can cancel.

To do this:

In the top right corner of your screen, select the icon of the person with the headset on.
Tap the “cancel order” button towards the bottom of your screen to cancel the order.

If you need to cancel after the restaurant has started making the order, you need to contact DoorDash customer service.

Door Dash Scam

Where is my money? My account says I received my payment but my bank says otherwise. The customer service is horrible.


Based on the information found on the DoorDash website: "If you believe you have been improperly paid or a payment is missing, please create a support case using the link below.

To ensure DoorDash can address your concern as quickly as possible, please provide the following information in your support case submission:

Full name

Email address

Phone number

Amount of pay that is missing or incorrect

The day or days on which the deliveries in question took place Whether or not you use FastPay"

You can file a DoorDash support case here:



My food was not delivered, but I have been charged. Not trying to be a “pissed customer,” just want the money refunded.

Find out what DoorDash Terms and Conditions state regarding company refund policy here:

That is me right now!!! I’m trying to call to get my money and no answer my dasher says I have to call stupid C.S and them *** won’t answer


Where is my Fast pay payment?

I called my bank and they said they never received fast pay and it’s been a day? I paid 1.99 to have the service and it hasn’t been delivered to my bank.

This question is really popular with the dashers. Find out what can be done in this situation here: Doordash question #12173


Lost my red card

I lost my rad card, how do i get nwe one

According to the Doordash help center, dashers can replace Red Cards by either going to their local DoorDash store or by ordering one from the company website for free. Find the step by step guide on what to if the dashers lost their Red Card here: Top Consumer Questions to Doordash

Job application- delivery

My name is Derek Fowle. I was trying to retrieve my application to complete it, but i keep getting an error message.

My phone is 347-831-9126.

Please advise. Your assistance is appreciated.

In accordance with the Doordash Help Center information:
"Generally, individuals are eligible for activation if they:

Pass their background check and motor vehicle reports (if planning to use a motorized vehicle)

Do not have a prior DoorDash Dasher account–active or inactive You can always return to your signup process by returning to the confirmation email you received in your inbox, or to our signup page to pick up your signup process where you left off.

Once complete, depending on your market, you can either go into an office to get oriented or wait for your Activation Kit."

In case you have issues while applying for a dasher position you may contact DoorDash customer support.


Good morning I have a problem with the deposit of August 06-12 I need help



im leaving for college this week, how do i switch being a dasher from cincinnati, oh to louisville, ky?

DoorDash website states that dashers can switch cities "but you can only dash in one city at a time,". Check what else the DoorDash drivers need to do to change cities here:

Fast pay

My fast pay says its sent bank doesn't have it. Need to speak with Some one


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