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Acticvation Kit

How long does it take for me to receive it me activation kit?


No door number

How do I contact a customer with no door number on the app


The only things you can do is call or text if the information is provided. If not you can try your hand with support, or just start the timer. After five minutes you get to keep the food, get paid, and leave.



When given a 1099 at the end of the year, does our doordash app track the miles we drove while logged in to use for taxes? I know Uber Eats does, trying to figure out what I need to actually keep track of. Thanks

Irene Moore

According to, you can track your mileage and expenses with the Everlance app. If you sign up through the Dasher exclusive link, you will get 3 months of Everlance Premium free.


charge on my card wasn't me

there is a charge on my card for today for 35.60 that i did not make i need a refund

Irene Moore
According to DoorDash Customer Help Center, if you believe you have an unauthorized charge from DoorDash, you can submit a request to reverse the charges through DoorDash customer support case submission form here To ensure DoorDash can address your concerns as quickly as possible, please select the category, payments, and provide the following information in your support case submission:
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Amount of incorrect charges
  • Date of Delivery (if applicable)
  • Name of restaurant (if applicable)

Refer a friend

I sent the refer a friend to Timothy Alfred and Timothy Alfred Jr. through sms messages.

They are not showing up on my end as being reffered.

Another driver i know can see a list of her referrals and their progress. Why are mine not there?

Irene Moore

According to DoorDash, you need to make sure that you referred other Dashers as required. You can refer your friends and family to dash through the Dasher app.

On the Dash tab there is a "Refer friends" banner at the top of the screen that shows how much money you will receive if the person you refer completes certain delivery requirements. Click the banner to see these delivery requirements for your area, as well as how much money the referree would earn by completing these requirements. You can click on "SMS Invites" to send a SMS, Facebook, Twitter or Email invite.

If you still need any assistance, you can ask the company following the link


I have not received my red card yet I get it on Saturday night a week ago


Am I approved

Irene Moore
The DoorDash Customer Help page states that that your background check is processed through the company third party consumer reporting agency, Checkr. Processing your background check can take between 5-7 business days, sometimes longer.

You can reach out to Checkr to determine the status of your background check by:
  • United States: following the link and providing the phone number, email, social security number, and date of birth you used for your background check. Once you have provided the information, click the “Get Status” button.


What happens if you on schedule and you get no orders? Do door dash pay contributions?


Make sure you hit your minimums. My market is 80%.

4/5, 8/10.. You have to accept at least that many without declining a request..


Doordash does not. What they do is try to prioritize for better orders, however nothing is guaranteed.

Grubhub however has minimum contributions.

My market is $12 hour on schedule. And to answer the next question yes Grubhub stops hiring, so pay attention to the market.


Cancelling my account with DoorDash going forward as of 2/21/19

by DeafeningWhiteTiger134

How to cancel my account with DoorDash going forward 2/21/19. Monthly Charges $9.99 CC ending 9394 Thank you, Patti Lee


Having problems picking up order

by DailyCeskyFousek645

Having problems picking up orded


My pay

by Mrfavors41

Why I can't never contact nobody on the phone why nobody haven't contacted me yet why pissed consumer is the only way to contact door dash it's very stupid why y'all don't have a direct contact number


It’s been weeks now since I’ve requested a new red card and I keep getting bounced from one to another. What’s going on?? I can’t work without it!


Go through the Doordash app. Hit the tab in the top left corner that brings you to Dash Schedule Ratings and Earnings.

Scroll down to account and tap Red Card. Tap mark as lost and go from there.

Irene Moore

According to the Doordash Help page, you should receive your Red Card in the mail. If you have not received your card, you should contact Doordash customer support by clicking on the button at the top right-hand corner of your app that says “HELP” (iPhone) or “?” (Android).

Then, select “Something else” to begin a live chat with the company support agent.

@Irene Moore

There isn’t a something else selection


No delivery

Am I going to get reimbursed for the $17.33 that was charged to my account 02/16/2019. Ordered at 8:00pm and never got delivered to me.

This took placed in Shawnee, KS. The driver’s name is Nathaniel.

Irene Moore
According to DoorDash Customer Help Center, if you don’t receive your order, please follow the instructions below:
  • Go to the Orders tab in the app (or select “Orders” in the menu in the upper left-hand corner of the website)
  • Select the order that was never delivered and click “Help”
  • Under Delivery Issues, select “Dasher never arrived”
  • Click “Start chat” to contact the DoorDash support team
  • Support team agent will help you resolve the issue
  • Alternatively, you can file a support case here

Please note that if your Dasher arrived, attempted to contact and could not deliver the order, and waited 10 minutes past the quoted delivery time or the time they arrived, the DoorDash will not refund your order.

Didn't get peak pay

Where is my peak pay Doordash?

Irene Moore
According to DoorDash Help, dashers get paid on a weekly basis for all deliveries completed between Monday - Sunday of the previous week (ending Sunday at midnight PST). Payments are transferred at that time directly to your bank account through Direct Deposit, and usually take 2-3 days to show up in your bank account, so payments will appear by Wednesday night. 

Fast Pay dives Dashers the ability to cash out their earnings daily for a small fee of $1.99.This means qualified Dashers can receive their earnings on demand through DoorDash, rather than waiting for their weekly direct deposit or using a third party service. 

Please note that your Peak Pay earnings are only available in your earnings page after you end your dash.

To view your Peak Pay earning:

  • Navigate to Earnings (iPhone: Tap Earnings on the bottom Menu bar. Android: Go to Menu on the top left hand corner then select Earnings)
  • Tap the pay period where the Peak Pay Incentive was active
  • Tap on the dash where the Peak Pay was active
  • Tap on Extra Delivery Pay under Additional Earnings to view details


Peak pay

I have never got paid for my peak pay.. how do I get ahold of someone I’ve been waiting for 2 days now this is insane!!

Irene Moore
Your issue seems to be quite frequent with DoorDash customers so you may find the answer to your question here: DoorDash question #16425.


How does driver obtain tips?

Irene Moore

According to the DoorDash Customer Help section, dashers receive 100% of the customer fees. For each delivery you will always receive your base pay from DoorDash plus 100% of the customer tip.

Now customers will only be able to pay in advance, rather than upon delivery. Therefore, you will no longer need to present a paper receipt to your customer.

Because tipping can now only be done in advance, the company will no longer accept tips provided after the delivery via paper receipt.


was wondering were is my activation kit is at? Still have got it.

How do I find my tracking number? Thanks


I haven't received mine either.

Irene Moore

According to DoorDash Help Center, once you sign up to receive an Activation Kit you will receive an email from either (US-based Dashers) or (Canada-based Dashers). This email will contain a tracking number which you can use to track the delivery status of your Activation Kit.


I have not got my kit

by DeeplyPheasant655

I was wondering where is my kit I have not got it I have sent message times with to you guys but I never got anything


To whom it’s may concern Is that possible that you can send me a copy of my W-2 tax please so I can go file my tax refund because I never received it or mind have been lost please my email is or by text my phone number is+15162881555 thank you please that would be very helpful.


This is a 1099. Doordash uses a third party for that.

Off the top of my head I don't know what it is. Get a hold of Doordash and email them about obtaining your 1099.

Irene Moore
According to the US regulations, an employer should mail out the Form W-2 to employees on or before January 31. If you have not received your W2 yet, you should contact your employer to report an issue.

Please check out comprehensive DoorDash contact information here.

You can also get a transcript or copy of Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement from the IRS.

However, an actual copy of your Form W-2 is only available if you submitted it with a paper tax return. Please follow the link for more details.



Irene Moore
If you want to place an order, please follow the instructions below:

  • Click the “Get Started” button on one of four onboarding screens.
  • Add location. You can use your current location or enter an address.
  • Select your restaurant. You can browse through a feed of restaurants, or select a category from a carousel at the top.
  • Pick up an item. Once you selected your restaurant, you can browse through categories. You can also add notes to your order before adding your items to your cart.
  • Sign up with your email or Facebook if your are ready to checkout.
  • Add a payment method. Add how much you want to tip your dasher.
  • Click “Place Order”.

  • Open DoorDash.
  • Enter your delivery address. You can use your current location or enter a new address.
  • Select your restaurant. You can scroll down to see a list of restaurants, or search for a restaurant by name using the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click a restaurant to browse its items.
  • Pick up an item. Tap an item to view its description.
  • Check out additional options if you want to customize your order.
  • Click “Add to Order”.
  • Add additional items if you want.
  • Click “View Cart” before placing your order.
  • Click “Checkout”.
  • Enter a payment method. Choose delivery time.
  • Click “Place Order”.

If you still need help, you can contact DoorDash Customer Service at 855 973 1040 or at and ask for assistance.

I put wrong email adress

I update my email address but I accidently put wrong email address. What’s should I do?

Irene Moore
DoorDash Help Center states how you can update your account information. Profile information can be changed via mobile or desktop. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Open your Dasher App.
  • Access your profile.
  • iOS: Tap on “Account” on the bottom tool bar.
  • Android: Tap on the menu on the top left and select “Account”.
  • Edit the profile information, and hit save when complete.

  • Go to
  • Click Profile.
  • Edit the profile information, and hit save when complete.

If you still need help, you can contact DoorDash Customer Service by phone at 650 681 9470 or by email at and ask their customer support representatives for assistance.

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