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How do I change my birthdate

When I was signing up it wasn't clear how to enter the birthday so I accidentally moved forward with the app and now I can't complete it because the wrong birthday is entered.



My insurance is currently under my mother's name but I am allowed to drive the car because she has a universal coverage policy would that still work for me to become a doordash driver or does my name have to be on the insurance


How do I sign up for daily pay?


Down load the daily pay app


My friend invited me to it to do doordash

Hi my name is Kenny my friend invited me to do doordash but he doesn't see me on on his list of inviting friends so I was just trying to figure out how can I look into a check on that


Whats taking so long on background

They sent it to me already


Provide me with Employment information

Hello to whom may I concern, wanted to see if y'all can provise me with phone number and address im trying to get a house and Hello to whom may I concern Im trying to move into apartment they wanting to have prove of income i know y'all can't provide me with that. but can y'all send me a letter since I started working with y'all With Name of Company and address and phone number that they can contact y'all to prove them I'm working through y'all. Thanks


How to change phone number ?

I have a different phone


According to DoorDash website, drivers can update a dasher profile using the following steps:

"To update your personal information, please see the instructions below to change via mobile or desktop.

*Your phone number must match the mobile phone number you'll be using while dashing.

Option 1 via mobile:

Open your Dasher App

Access your profile iOS:

Tap on "Account" on the bottom tool bar.

Android: Tap on the menu on the top left and select "Account"

Edit the profile information required (First name, Last name, Email, Phone number)

Option 2 via desktop:

Go to

Click Profile Edit the profile information required (First name, Last name, Phone number, Zip / Postal code)"


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