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Why i dont see how much i made in my last delivery


I made a delivery to a customer and it is not showing that I got paid for it. The app crashed after I confirmed delivery The pay for that order was $6.65


About drop off Order

I did this morning good drop off for 260 or270 only get paid $15 lost time I get was $51 I just As was the same amount 247 or 270 im not sure Exactly I'm on tell much wanna know what is the difference between those 2 drop off


How I’m gonna get money

Hi my name is Pammy I haven’t set up my direct deposit yet? Do I really need to or I can get my check by mail or any other options to get my money?

According to the company's website, DoorDash pays dashers once a week through direct deposit. Dashers can set up direct deposit through the Dasher app following the steps below:
1. To set up direct deposit, launch the "Dasher" app.
2. Go to the "Earnings" tab.
3. Tap the red bank symbol at the top right of your screen fill out your bank information:
a)Your name on bank account;
b)Your social security number (SSN);
c)Your bank's routing number (9-numeric digits long, enclosed by dots);
d)Your bank account number (usually 10-12 numeric digits long);
4. If you have checks, you can find your bank routing and account number using the example below.
5. Tap "Submit Bank Details".
Dashers can also set up to be paid daily for a small fee. In the U.S., dashers can sign up for Fast Pay on the DoorDash Help Center web page.

For more information you may contact DoorDash directly.

Invite a friend

How do you invite a friend to join dasher for a bonus? When I press on the app nothing happens.



Can I dash without my red card?


The DoorDash website states that dashers can dash without their Red Cards by using their own credit cards, adding that the company will reimburse such transactions. Dashers must submit information regarding the transaction on the company's Help Form.


I need to register in another state

Call me back pls I need help


Debit card

How do I check balance on my door dash card


Hi there

I’m just fill out the form for driver

Everything complete..

How long it’l be take to approve ?

Thank You


Can someone have a courtesy within doordash fraternity to call me and explain why i have not received my direct deposit in 3 weeks.

My phone no. 6785414170

My names are: Sir Chuku Ngare

Please I'm pleading for some help.


Why I can’t start dashing

They told me that I needed to wait a hour or a few hours for a response, but I would like to work now!


Drivers go to wrong house with GPS

TO whom it may concern.

Not a pissed customer!

My house sets off from the road, and GPS takes the driver to the next neighborhood. IS there any way to nudge my home address closer to the street? Didn't think it was likely, but just wanted to ask. 3300 Wagowheel Rd Edmond, OK 73034

If not, maybe I should contact Google Maps? Let me know.

Great Service by the way. Really enjoy it.

Robert Keeley

blah blah blahg blah blah blah blah blah abl ah lab lah albla h four score and seven years ago in a time far far away. in a galaxy for that matter... 100 word minimum really?


120 orders in the first two months requirement

Does Doordash set up a 60 days for 120 delivery orders requirement for new dashers?



I received a call and text stating that I’ve won a$300 bonus if i complete 15 more rides is this true


direct deposit

my direct deposit my son put the the last name wrong suppossed to be bermudez noy santiagogoing on 2 weeks trying to get this fix


Becoming a dasher

Could you help me it said I started an account but I haven’t and then when we tried I typed the wrong email. So if you could delete it some how or help me figure it out.

So my email is and I typed

Also it saying that my phone number already exists and same thing never created an account so I don’t know what wrong. 5204425027



How do I use my credits


Lost info

I've lost all my doordash info.including my pay.can i get all of it back?


Same happen to me since the beginning of the month haven’t heard *** from them


Nino's Pizza & Restaurant ,500 Atwood Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920


Your menu is not the same as Nino's. I'm not seeing all the choices for different crusts, toppings, etc.

Please advise.



Card found

Is it normal for DoorDash to leave debit cards in bag


Signing up

Can you show me how to sign up to Walmart and delivery alcohol to my account


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