Absolutely ridiculous! I sent referral links to 2 people.

They received an email saying they will get $15 off their first 3 orders if they sign up using the referral and that I would get $15 referral bonus. They both signed up but neither have any sign of this credit in their account. The first person spent 1 hour on the phone trying to get it figured out and were told a number of reasons (like they didn't use the link when they did, that it's a credit not $15 off but the email actually says $15 off their first 3 orders over $25). She ended up getting the credit as a refund and was told she could only get the other 2 in this same manner so ended up placing all three orders with the same person online!

And then on my end, it's showing as this person still hasn't signed up. Messaged and was told I'd get an email back from their supervisor but never did. Called and was disconnected. Called again and was told they couldn't help me and would get a supervisor to contact me.

That at most I could get a credit for my second order after placing a first order. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

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