Owings Mills, Maryland
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Door Dash expires the referral link early so that they can avoid paying out the bonuses. So far it’s happened to me and two of my friends. We’re considering a class action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Referral Program.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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My friend signed up under my referral on September 16th. It’s November 5th they’re telling me that the referral ended on September 17th.

That’s not what was present on my app. They’re not going to give us the money even though she completed the 200 deliveries and has till November 16th.

I’m heated!! I want to sue.


Same-thing is happening to me, i feel disgusted and cheated


I'm very interested. I'm owed $750.


I’m dealing with this now. My aunt referred me and she is owed $1,000 and I’m owed $100.

They’re trying to say it wasn’t done in time. Got screen shots and I’ve contacted the news in my area, BBB, FTC and I’m looking for a lawyer now.

Oh I’m going to get my money. Please let me know if anyone is interested in joining us in a class action lawsuit.


I'm interested to join. The exact same thing happened to me with my referral they refused to recognize the completition and they want to get away with it.


I'm interested


I am interested as well. It just happened to me.

I did the referral when it was $400. It was 200 deliveries by July 19th and I finished 3 weeks before time. I worked hard for that plus I have a full time job on top of it so I do this on the side. They gave me $30 and my friend who referred me $25.

I called and they said someone will call me back and no one has.

I am certainly interested in going along with the class action. Here is my email sherridocca7@gmail.com.


im very interested, they've done the same to us for $2000


The same situation happened to my daughter and me. The referral was $2000 when we signed up.

So she’d get the $2000 and I was to get $200-$250; I’d have to go back and check my emails.

Please count me in! My email is nikkileann23@gmail.com


I too referred my friend with the Doordash referral bonuses and she finished her 200 deliveries on the day she was told by 3 Doordash agents that she could finish to get the bonuses. Now they refuse to pay her and I the bonuses. I want to get in on the class action lawsuit.


Was this ever settled


I'm currently fighting with them about this. The person I referred completed the required 150 deliveries by 10:30pm the night of expiration date of 3/15.

I checked my app right after he finished and ended his dash around 10:30pm expecting to see 150/150 instead I see 145/150 and i noticed expires changed to expired. I'm like wth? It is still 3/15 and no where does it state an exact expiration time but only by 3/15. So, I contact DD and she said the system probably just needed to update and she didn't know why it changed to expired early.

So I'm like but it's 1045pm 3/15 as I'm speaking to her. Basically haven't gotten anywhere with DD support yet. Keep getting passed person to person and have sent screenshots proving they were completed multiple times as requested and still nothing!

It's pure BS. I'm not giving up the fight.


Hello did you get it resolved?


Did you get resolution?


Hello. I would like to know, did DoorDash ever give you your referral bonus?


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