It appears that the companies revealed in this statement operate on poor customer service and technology issues. A view was done/research about the possibility of placing an order with Chipotle (Atlanta/Buckhead Loop) via DoorDash.

Without a preview the app immediately charged the order and forced a tip. A call was placed within minutes to customer service. The contact person argued with me about cancelling the order and refused to cancel as well as credit the account. The driver was called, and he refused to not deliver.

He refused not to cancel per my request. The app states that if you cancel you will not get a refund. (These are obviously poor business practices). After several hours (five plus) of trying to get a refund, due to app issues and a customer service staff with a consistent uncaring attitude, I was not successful.

I was told it would be escalated and later told that there was not an escalation team. I asked for the corporate office, phone number and CEO. I was told that that was not relevant to the call. This manager had an unwelcoming tone and insulting demeanor.

I also called the restaurant and the manager told me that he could not issue a refund. He told me to call corporate and hung-up the phone.

Several emails were sent to DoorDash and they responded stating that they would not issue a refund. I have been taken advantage of by technology and an industry giant.

User's recommendation: Beware of Doordash (app) and Chipotle (Atlanta/Buckhead Loop))).

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

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